Your Pre-Holiday Marketing Checklist

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5 Marketing Tasks For Every Business

Several times a year, the School Holidays ‘sneak up on us’ again. And this year is no different. Keeping track of everything just adds to our mental load, often resulting in rushed or completely neglected tasks that could cause prospects to get annoyed with you!

In preparation for any school holiday period, here’s our Top 5 Pre-Holiday Marketing Tasks that every business owner needs to be aware of – and prepared for!

  1. Update Your Opening Hours Online | Check your website, Socials and most importantly, your Google Business Listing to ensure your opening hours have been adjusted accordingly for the holiday period. This is extremely important if you are a ‘bricks and mortar’ business who may be closed on some days or have modified trading hours. It’s also equally as important for service-based businesses who want to promote extended hours or that you’re, “Open Public Holiday.”
  2. Add A Holiday Notice To Your Email Signature | Approx. 2 weeks leading up to taking a break, you can update your email signature to include a simple message about your departure and return dates. This gives anyone you’re in current communication with fair warning of your availability.
  3. Set An Email Auto Responder | The purpose of an autoresponder is to reply with an instant email back to anyone who may email you. It serves to acknowledge that you have received their communication. This lets them know when they can reasonably expect to hear back from you. If relevant, it’s also clever to add any emergency contact details. This can help mitigate panicked phone calls or follow up emails from customers or prospects who expect (or genuinely need) an immediate response.
  4. Add A Holiday Message To Your Website + Socials | With one simple image, you can add a beautiful holiday greeting from you and your team as well as any special trading hours or closures. Go a little further and make a special promotion out of it for Easter, Christmas, Halloween or Valentines Day.
  5. Send A Christmas Email | Services like offer printing and distribution as well as eCard options which are great if you want to send a Christmas Card to your customers. Alternatively, if you already use proper email marketing or newsletter software, you can opt to use this to send a holiday themed email to your audience letting them know of any changes to your availability and office hours, any promotions you may have, as well as a nice message from you and your team.

The Wrap Up

The whole purpose behind all of this, is to help set expectations. It helps keep your existing and prospective customers fully and accurately informed about what you have going on, giving them more opportunity to plan around your availability. It’s all just clever business.

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