Working On Your Business vs In It

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The Importance Of Having A Plan

I think we can all agree. Planning is essential to creating or achieving anything of great significance – both professionally and in life.

Working IN your business has you working towards others’ goals. Whether you are a plumber, business coach or accountant…your actions are helping others progress with their plans. When you work ON your business you can focus on growing it and contributing to the progression of your own goals. A successful business requires both aspects!

Why Plan?

According to, planning provides direction. “Planning ensures that goals and objectives are clearly defined so that they act as a guide for deciding what action should be taken and in which direction.”  It also identifies potential overlapping and wasteful activities including more defined delegation of tasks.

In their article, “23 Amazing Reasons Why Planning Is Important In Your Life“, Explicit Success covers the many benefits of planning and discusses why it’s so important.

Here are my top 3 planning picks

  • Planning Reduces A Hill To A Molehill | If you have a tendency to get anxious when there’s a lot going on, stopping for a moment, taking a breath and mapping out an action plan, will significantly reduce overwhelm. This is also reflected in 10 Reasons Why Planning Is Important published by
  • Planning Makes You Efficient | I am a BIG fan of efficiency – one of the major topics I coach on in my programs. By planning out even the smallest of tasks, you can identify what can be semi or fully automated, as well as what steps can be delegated or cut out completely. As a former coach used to say to me, “If you do it once, you have it forever.” Invest that little extra time to map out your processes properly. You’ll gain that time back 10 fold.
  • Planning Gives A Touch Of Professionalism | Planning makes you look like you know what you’re doing (because you do). No one else witnesses all of your planning so it’ll come as a surprise when you present as this intuitive, intelligent and organised person. These are still rare traits in business, so they will never fail to impress your customers – going a long way to building credibility and buyer confidence in what you’re offering.

Reduce The Risk Of Uncertainty also claims that planning helps reduce the risk of uncertainty… and we’ve all had our fair share of uncertainty in recent years! 😉

The number of businesses that fail to plan and then wonder “what happened?”, is concerning. 

Most newbie business owners go in with one plan to MAKE MONEY without defining much else after that. They don’t consider future scenarios where supplier prices increase or enquiries dry up. Ambiguous circumstances can bring a company down, but proper preparation can be the key to staying afloat during hard times.” 

Hopefully, if the past few years have taught us anything as business owners, it is how to plan for uncertainty.

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