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Avoid The “Echo Chamber”

Building a business can be a lonely game.

It can often feel like you’re working in an echo chamber, with nothing but your own thoughts and doubts floating around in your head, with no sounding board to bounce your ideas off. Unsure if you’re making the right decisions or where you might be missing big opportunities.

Back in 2006, when I started Web-Sta, I really didn’t know anyone in the industry and let’s just say my business and communication skills were pretty “raw”. This was back in the “Fake it till ya make it” era where it was normal to hide your struggles and fears, trying to save face in front of other business owners who, as I found out years later, were doing the exact same thing in front of me. Go figure!

It became quite clear after a few years in, that I needed help. Someone to guide and support me along the way… then it became even clearer that this would never be just one person. And it would be forever more.

Attracting The Right People To Support Your Business

Here are my top 3 areas where you can attract the right people to support you on your business journey

Your Service Providers | From your accountant, bookkeeper,  IT support, printers, sign writers and more, every service provider you choose to align your business with ideally is there to SUPPORT YOU.

This can also include your website, marketing and hosting providers.

We’ve seen it time and time again where business owners have gone with just anyone, only to have their expectations shattered and their business growth stunted as a result of trusting the wrong people.

It’s important that the people (and businesses) you work with are ASSETS, not Liabilities! Ideally, they are interested and invested in encouraging and supporting you to reach your business goals. In those times when you start to doubt yourself, you can lean on your quality, knowledgeable and trustworthy service providers for that extra reassurance, guidance and advice vs “winging it” and going it alone. Ideally, these people are experts in their field, so that you don’t have to be!

Your Team | Whether this means just you, your spouse or you’ve attracted a team of contractors/staff… It’s important to make sure every member of your team is aware and unified in how they represent your business. The way your team treats your customers (and each other), how they speak about what it’s like working for/with you, the quality of their work, and more… it’s all a reflection on your brand and ultimately you as their leader.

Be clear on the type of people you want on your team! If laziness, grumpiness and disrespectfulness are not traits you wish to entertain, then it only makes sense to focus on creating a team filled with motivated, positive and kind people.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”
Henry Ford

Your Support Network | This is your expanded network including professional contacts, referral partners, industry colleagues, and fellow business partners, all the way through to those you employ to make your homelife easier including house, pool and car cleaners, mowing company, daycare/babysitter and the like. Ideally, ALL of these people are also there to support you in achieving your goals too.

And this is where a Business Coach comes in.

We Offer Business Coaching

In addition to offering bespoke, fully done-for-you website design,
set-ups and online marketing, we also offer
1:1 and group business coaching

Covering the areas of business start-ups, business and personal growth, profitability, recurring revenue, automation and marketing, we invite you to visit our dedicated coaching services website

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