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And Why You Might Too!

You might have come across WordPress web design as you consider options for your business’s website. As reported by Manaferra, the popularity of WordPress has grown significantly from 455 million sites (2020) to 728 million sites (2021). Even some of the world’s biggest performers, including P!NK, Billy Idol and The Rolling Stones use WordPress – so you’ll be in good company!

At Web-Sta, we build websites on WordPress because we believe it’s the best option for our clients. It’s cost-effective, it’s customisable, and enables us to get the best possible results for your business.

We’ve talked about the benefits of WordPress before, specifically its adaptability. As more businesses seek better options for their website, we thought we’d revisit this important topic to show you why WordPress web design is the best choice.

We’ll cover 5 reasons why we love WordPress web design:

  • It’s customisable and scalable
  • It’s open-source
  • It’s SEO friendly
  • It’s got plug-ins and additional features
  • You won’t get tied to one web designer or hosting provider

We want local businesses to be able to make the best decisions for their online presence because it’s a significant investment that’ll have a huge impact on your future success.

If you have any more questions about WordPress after reading this article, get in touch with our team for more specific advice.


5 Reasons To Use WordPress Web Design

1.   WordPress Web Design Is Customisable & Scalable

For business owners needing a high-impact website, the most important factor to consider is accessibility. You or your team need to be able to make changes, updates, and additions to your website easily without being reliant on professional assistance every time.

The following scenarios are almost inevitable for every small business at some stage:

  • Changes to service offerings
  • Promoting seasonal specials, deals or competitions
  • Updated branding
  • Shifting or introducing a new target audience
  • Relocating to new premises
  • Sharing changes to opening/closing times (e.g. COVID updates + holiday hours)

These circumstances are common and essential for any growing business, but you’ll fail to connect with your customers and leverage your services if your back-end web design is impossible to operate.

When 94% of people won’t trust an outdated website, falling behind on website updates will cost you customers (and revenue).

This is where WordPress web design stands out because it’s the most accessible CMS (Content Management System) for business owners. When well designed, it’s user-friendly interface that allows you to edit content, images, colour scheme, and entire pages, you’re better equipped to adapt your online presence as your business evolves.

While it’s definitely recommended to consult a WordPress web design agency to establish your website at the start, having the freedom and flexibility, once it’s built, to update your website yourself will give you more control and confidence.

WordPress Web Design helps your business look credible

2.   WordPress Is Open-Source

We’ve mentioned that adaptability is critical to your success as a business. It’s necessary to be able to grow with industry changes and embrace innovation if you want the security of long term success.

WordPress supports innovation because it’s an open-source platform. Without getting too technical, the difference between open and closed source platforms is:

  • Closed source software is effectively locked and can’t be modified. It’s stable but costly to run, and bugs or missing features can only be fixed by the original creator.
  • Open-source software is free and open for public use. This means web designers and other developers are continually upgrading and optimising it to be the best solution. This means it can be customised to do almost anything your business needs it to do.

By choosing WordPress web design, business owners access a system that is being continuously adapted by a community of professional developers. The freedom of open source means that you can access an abundance of guides, tutorials, and tools online. Also, more web designers are versed in it so you have the flexibility of taking your WordPress website with you if you’re not happy with your web designer relationship. More on this in point 5 below.

The openness of WordPress web design is a huge benefit to business owners who gain access to world-leading functionality at a low cost, but it’s important to stay on top of security.

Only 40% of WordPress websites are up to date, and outdated websites are easy pickings for hackers and scams that put you and your customers’ data at risk.

This is why having an agency that lives and breathes WordPress web design in Brisbane will keep your online platform safe while you focus on running your business.

At Web-Sta, we’ve spent years embracing the open-source nature of WordPress web design while keeping local businesses secure online. We offer 24/7 monitoring and consistent updates, giving you peace of mind that your website is safe from malware attacks.

3.   WordPress Web Design Is SEO-Friendly

If you’ve read a few of our blogs, you’ll understand the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). But, just in case this is your first visit to Web-Sta, here’s a basic breakdown of why it’s important for your business’s website.

SEO refers to the web design tools, practices, and techniques that make a website attractive to search engines. Being the most popular, Google is usually the biggest focus because that is where most people go to search for local businesses to solve their problems.

Common SEO tactics include:

  • Keyword-rich content
  • Videos & animations
  • Blogging
  • Fast page load speed

Search engines account for the vast majority of online traffic to websites, so it’s essential for businesses to make sure that certain algorithms will pick up their website and put it in front of customers searching for their services.

It sounds simple in theory, but SEO is a minefield of snake oil strategies that don’t always work, or used to work, and now don’t. To be successful with your SEO, business owners need as much support as possible from well-proven providers.

This is why WordPress web design is a huge asset to business owners. As an out-the-box solution that is being constantly improved by a community of developers, businesses using WordPress web design access useful tools that automatically leverage their site’s SEO.

These tools include:

  • Full-scale SEO plug-ins that offer beginner and advanced-level tools to optimise your business’s website
  • Content writing tools that scan your web copy and provide tips to make your content more SEO-friendly and keyword-rich
  • Website scanners that locate and fix broken links that stop search engines from leveraging your website

While these tools and plug-ins are very useful to business owners, SEO is still a complex and overwhelming task for business owners who are new to WordPress web design.

A professional team who lives and breathes WordPress will know what SEO practices are most relevant and effective for your business.

Mobile Responsive WordPress Web Design

4.   You Can Optimise Your Website With Plug-Ins & Features

If you’re new to WordPress web design, you probably have no idea what a ‘plug-in’ is. Plug-ins are software functions that can be added to your website to upgrade and enhance the way it works. For example, you want an online form, there’s a Plugin for that [we use and recommend Gravity Forms 😉 ]

There are tens of thousands of plug-ins available to use, from SEO tools to e-commerce functions and social media integrations. Depending on the purpose of your website, your customer preferences and your industry, different plug-ins will be more relevant and effective for your WordPress web design.

With 57,000+ plug-ins available, WordPress web design offers businesses a huge number of functions without having to pay for a designer to create them. Because WordPress is open source, business owners gain unlimited access to the latest features without going through a long-winded design process with a bespoke agency.

Making the most of plug-ins with WordPress web design enables business owners to access the latest and greatest design features without the hefty price tag. Plug-ins are out-the-box and ready to go, so you can upgrade your website quickly and be more responsive to your customers.

A downside to plug-ins is that, if you go overboard with them (as in adding too much functionality / features to your website), they can slow down your website performance and cause technical conflicts. Implementing multiple additional features with the support of a professional WordPress web designer can help mitigate these risks, ensuring your website loads / performs faster and remains accessible to customers without any weird error messages popping up.

If a website takes more than three seconds to load, more than half of customers will leave it. So, although the choice of unlimited plug-ins are an advantage of WordPress web design, businesses should seek advice from a web design agency before choosing unnecessary or clunky plugins for their site.

WordPress Web Design for online shopping carts

5.   You Won’t Get Tied To One Web Designer (or hosting provider)

Sure, being able to pay a large web design agency to build your website from scratch is great. The same might go for a low-cost / free semi-automated web design solution. However, creating a website is very rarely a one-off purchase, it’s a long term investment that requires ongoing attention. Additionally, your needs as a business will grow… you need your website to be able to do the same and not need to be rebuilt again from scratch, just to keep up.

So, while you might be able to afford the initial cost of building a completely bespoke website with a big web design company or you’ve gone with the free / cheap DIY website builder, you’ll risk being ‘locked-in’ without the option of changing web designers or your hosting provider.

It’s inevitable that you’ll have complications or need further support with your website, and if only one web design agency can work with your site, businesses can quickly get trapped in an expensive and/or restrictive environment.

The beauty of WordPress web design is that you won’t get locked in with one designer and you can move your website to another hosting provider at any time.

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS with individuals, businesses, and web design agencies alike. The worldwide popularity of WordPress web design means that it’s easy for businesses to find a web designer who is well versed in working with the platform.

Because most web designers are able to work with WordPress, businesses have more freedom to choose a provider with the skills they require, and someone they like and can work with easily. The stories we’ve heard on web designers being difficult to work with are numerous. 

By using WordPress as a foundational system, businesses can find a WordPress web design agency that also offers:

  • Digital marketing
  • Business advice
  • Website hosting
  • Blogging

By choosing WordPress web design for your business’s website, you can keep your options open. After 15 years in the business, Web-Sta are fluent in WordPress web design, plus they can also give you relevant inbound and outbound marketing strategy advice.

The Wrap Up

Choose An Experienced WordPress Web Design Agency!

Now you know 5 key reasons why WordPress web design is the best option for small, medium and even large businesses. By choosing a web design agency that specialises in this powerful global platform, you open your business up to more opportunities to evolve and succeed in a rapidly changing online world.

At Web-Sta, we’ve worked hard to become an ally and an asset to our local business customers. As professional providers of WordPress web design in Brisbane and South East Qld, we help local businesses by showing you how to use WordPress to scale-up your online presence and achieve your business goals.

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