Why WordPress?

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Because You Need an Adaptable, Editable Website

If you’re looking for a new website, it’s important to think about how easy that website will be to edit and update over the long life span of your business. That’s why we encourage Clients to opt for a WordPress Web Design. Why WordPress? Because it offers the ultimate in flexibility and adaptability. Below we’ll explore: 

  • Why Adaptable and Editable Matters 
  • What Changes Can I Make with a WordPress Web Design?
  • How Do I Make Changes in WordPress?

Why Adaptable and Editable Matters 

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Well…no actually, not when it comes to your website! 

Changes in Your Business

The only constant is change. Therefore, having an editable website platform will allow you to adapt in various ways like:

  • if your business needs to move in a new direction
  • if you need to reposition your offerings to target a different audience
  • if your business starts offering new products or services
  • you hire / fire staff, move location, or update your contact details
  • it’s time to update your marketing strategy to include social media functionality
  • when (not ‘if!) your website starts to look outdated
    75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design
  • when you need to adapt to a changing business environment,
  • when you realise website engagement is poor because your site offers them nothing new. Regularly offering something fresh to view or interact with can help encourage repeat business

Changes to the Google Machine

Having an adaptable, editable website is important for keeping pace with changes in your business, however, another reason you need an editable website is the machine that is Google. 

Google loves Fresh Content! This is what’s known as the Freshness Factor. Google’s job is to respond to user-demand for the freshest and most up-to-date content. Google does this by preferencing newer, fresher websites by ranking them better. Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithm, therefore content that ranked well last month may need tweaking to have as much impact today. Adaptability is required to keep up.

Investing in a WordPress Web Design allows you to easily maintain your content relevance and freshness, plus keep your potential customers and Google happy.

WordPress Web Design

What Changes Can I Make with a WordPress Web Design?

Almost anything you can think of. Some edits do require more skill, WordPress is adaptable enough to create whatever you require. If designed with a visual editor, basic website wording and photo changes can take minutes.

Common website edits and upgrades easily accommodated with a WordPress website include: 

  • Adding customer reviews,
  • Adding new pages or blog posts 
  • Uploading gallery images; and
  • Adding functionality like an online shopping cart or a homepage slideshow
WordPress Web Design

3 Main Reasons Why WordPress Web Design Rocks

  1. DIY Content // via your WordPress Dashboard you can edit text, images and videos efficiently. For even more efficient content edits, we love and use Themify Ultra, with its user friendly visual builder.
  2. DIY Design // with some training + practice your website can undergo a complete facelift by updating your WordPress theme’s design, changing your website’s typography, layout and colour scheme while maintaining all of your content. Again, this is why Themify Ultra is our pick, due to its built in visual builder and flexible design options.
  3. Transferable // no-one hosting company owns WordPress and most hosting companies support it. Therefore, you’re never locked in to the one supplier or need to have your website completely rebuilt should you wish to move to a different web designer. Your website can be transferred from one hosting supplier to another with relative ease.

How Do I Make Changes in WordPress?

When your WordPress Web Design is complete, you’ll need access to your WordPress Dashboard to edit content, add new pages and upload blog articles. If set-up well, these should all be easy and intuitive with WordPress doing most of the heavy lifting and you not needing to learn code!

There are heaps of online tutorials and how-to videos to guide you along the way, and because WordPress is so popular, most web designers use it and can support you as little or as much as you require.

WordPress is the Popular Girl

If website software options were people, WordPress would be the popular girl. Most people like her and many copy her style and want to be like her. WordPress is also the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world due to its adaptability and expandability. Almost any functionality you can imagine is either already available or can be added to an already established WordPress website. This is why, since 2003 WordPress has grown and now powers a crazy 35% of the web!

The likes of Walt Disney, Vogue, Sony Music, Usain Bolt, Playstation and Katy Perry all use WordPress websites to run their business. In fact WordPress is used by micro-bloggers and multinationals alike because it is so versatile and user friendly.

Key Takeaways

When you opt for a WordPress Web Design you give yourself complete freedom to update and edit your website as your business changes and evolves. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world, in part because it’s user friendliness, and because it allows for endless innovation and functionality to your website. 

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