The Race To 1st Place – Why SEO is Like the Olympics

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As a Sunshine Coast SEO Agency owner, with over a decade of experience in website design and SEO, here’s my take on Why I believe SEO is Like the Olympics.

Let’s Start With The Games

There are several different sports and a finite number of medals available in each event, namely Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each athlete works their butts off to qualify, let alone be in the running for one of these podium positions. Some athletes are even competing in more than one sport, looking to acquire several medals. 4 years later, the Olympics returns and many of those same athletes compete again to, either have another shot or to defend their previously achieved top rankings. Others have opted to retire, meanwhile, a gambit of fresh faces emerge and the process starts again.

How Do The Olympics Relate To SEO?

Like there are many different sports in the Olympics, there are many different search phrases / keywords available to rank for. Also like the different Olympic events, some search phrases are more popular, with LOTS of different websites vying for the top positions. This often leads to those search phrases being more difficult to rank for.

Then there’s the comparison that not everyone can be at the top. SEO requires ongoing hard work to stay number #1. There’s constantly people dropping off and new websites popping up whom which you are now competing against for those same search phrases.

Gold Medal SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is vital for boosting your search engine ranking and getting your business found online. It represents all of the intricate activities that go into a gold medal ranking performance.

The good new is, you can take some steps towards influencing your own Search engine rank without being an SEO athlete. 

This this short article, we’ll cover:

Why Google Rankings are Essential  

Google ranking is critical to getting your business found online. Like a swimmer needs to put in the laps, workout and eat right, SEO is part of the preparation of winning yourself a Google first place medal.

What Happens If You Take Your Eyes Off the SEO Prices?

Just like an athlete continuously aims at being that split second faster, that fraction stronger or that tiny bit more skilled each day, SEO is your tool to not only achieve Google Gold, its also vital to maintaining your new found Google position. 

So what exactly is involved in maintaining your SEO strategy?
The answer is going to depend on things like:

  • Your desired rate of growth
  • Your available budget
  • The competitiveness of the industry in which you operate 
  • The current condition of your website 
  • Your ranking goals – growth or maintenance?

There’s so much to think about, and so many options it can be really beneficial to work with an SEO agency. They’ll analyse your unique circumstances and create an SEO plan which matches your budget.

How to Boost SEO for FREE

Unlike the Olympics, with SEO you can either pay someone to ‘train’ for you or be prepared to put in the work yourself.

It helps to consider SEO as a “Process” and NOT just one single step. There are plenty of ways you can boost your Google ranking that will only cost you some attention, your time and a little effort.

We’ve listed some of our favourite free SEO activities you can take advantage of right now.

  • Set up a business profile in Google My Business – listing your details here helps to promote your website both in Google searches and in Google map searches 
  • Up your social media engagement – share your latest blog, completed project or a new product line. Spread your message further by posting more frequently and consistently aimed at growing your audience
  • Promote your website every time you engage online 
  • Add your business to online, and are a few favourites of mine.

Why Local SEO Agencies Best Suit Local Business 

Like training with a local fitness coach in your Olympic dream preparations, opting for a local SEO agency has numerous benefits.

  • Ease of communication
  • Similar time zones
  • Understanding of your local service areas
  • Familiarity with your target audience and their demographics

Example: As a local business, you want to come up in local search results. There’s no point ranking for Perth when you’re based in, and only serve Brisbane!

The Wrap Up

SEO matters because your Google ranking matters.

Whether you DIY your SEO or hire an SEO Agency, my wish for you is a Gold medal performance and outcome. 

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