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and How to Boost SEO for FREE?

You’ve got a professional website, you network wherever you can and you offer a fantastic service and/or product to your customers – what more could you possibly do to grow your business? One strategy you may have overlooked, because it can seem incredibly ‘techie’ and complicated, is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO is vital for boosting your Google ranking and getting your business found online AND it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Read on to find out:

  • Why Google Rankings are Essential
  • What Happens If You Take Your Hands Off the SEO Wheel?
  • How to Boost SEO for FREE
  • Why Local SEO Agencies Best Suit Local Business

Why Google Rankings are Essential  

Google ranking is critical to getting your business found online. Not convinced? Consider these stats from SEO trainers backlinko. The Backlinko team analysed 5 million search results before publishing these statistics in 2019 so the data is current and very credible: 

  • The number 1 result in Google gets 31.7% of all clicks – many users instinctively click on the top result without considering other options
  • By comparison, the number 2 result in Google gets 24.7% of all clicks – this percentage share of clicks continues to decline the further down the screen your page sits (with the exception of position number 10, which actually averages slightly more clicks than number 9) 
  • The number 1 organic result is 10 times more likely to get clicked than the page in number 10 spot
  • only 0.78% of Google-searchers clicked on something from the second page
  • Moving up just one position on the first page in Google increases your relative CTR by an average of 30.8%. NB this increase varies widely depending on your position. The Click Through Rate is essentially the percentage of users who saw your website and then clicked on it, so the higher your click through rate the better!
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What Happens If You Take Your Hands Off the SEO Wheel?

SEO is your tool to boost or conserve your Google ranking, so maintaining a consistent 

SEO strategy is critical. Think of SEO as like an arms race; if your competitors set aside regular time to work on their SEO strategy, and you don’t; you’ll get left behind! Your Google ranking will drop and so will the number of people who ‘find’ your website!

So what exactly is involved in maintaining your SEO strategy? The answer is going to depend on numerous variables like: 

  • Your desired rate of growth
  • Your available budget
  • The competitiveness of the industry in which you operate 
  • The current condition of your website 
  • Your ranking goals – are you looking to maintain your rank? To improve your ranking? To expand the number of search phrases you rank for?

Because there’s so much to think about, and so many options it can be really beneficial to work with an SEO agency; they’ll analyse the unique circumstances of your business and create an SEO plan which matches your budget. A professional SEO agency in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast can help you optimise your website and develop an effective content marketing strategy featuring proven SEO tools like blogs and animated videos.

How to Boost SEO for FREE

If your business is based in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, there are plenty of ways you can boost your Google ranking that doesn’t cost a dime. It helps to keep in mind that SEO is NOT one single tool or step, but a multi-faceted strategy; in fact there are as many as 200+ factors involved in fully optimising your website*.  We’ve listed some of our favourite freebies you can take advantage of below:

  • Set up a business profile in Google My Business // listing your details here helps to promote your website both in Google searches and in Google map searches 
  • Up your social media engagement // share your latest blog, completed project or a new product line. Spread your message further by posting more frequently and consistently aimed at growing your audience
  • Promote your website every time you engage online 
  • Join Relevant Facebook Groups // connecting with community and business groups means you can reach and network with a wider audience

Why Local SEO Agencies Best Suit Local Business 

Opting for a local SEO agency has numerous benefits, especially for small businesses servicing limited geographic areas. How so?

Just say you’re a Sunshine Coast-based business and you only service the Sunshine Coast region: Working with a Sunshine Coast SEO agency means you’re working with people who intimately understand your local target audience and who understand geographically, which suburbs or regions you’d be best placed to focus your SEO strategy on.

The same applies if you service the wider Brisbane region; a local SEO Agency will be more likely to understand just how big Brisbane is and they’ll know which surrounding areas you’ll most easily be able to serve as well. 

As a local business, you want to come up in local search results – there’s no point ranking for Perth when you’re based in Brisbane!

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Key Takeaways

SEO matters because Google rankings matter. You can DIY some of your SEO by taking advantage of our free SEO tips including upping your social media game and leveraging Google’s free Google My Business offering.

To gain that competitive edge, an SEO Agency can take care of the more technical and complex elements of SEO. Activities like Blogging and Content Marketing by a local SEO provider offers you the benefit of local knowledge.

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