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What is a WCAG Compliant Website?


Imagine living with blindness / low vision, deafness and hearing loss, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity or even a combination of these. Now, imagine trying to access information on the Internet. Believe it or not, it’s not that easy. Most websites can be extremely difficult to read and navigate at the best of times.

WCAG (or Web Content Accessibility Standards) is the gold standard or benchmark in accessibility. They represent accessibility guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C,) which is the leading standards making body for the Web.

So How Does WCAG Standards Affect Local Aussie Businesses?

Everything from the contrast between font colours and backgrounds through to if elements of your website can be navigated with minimal keyboard strokes can be the difference between your website being easy to use or a nightmare.

For those with vision impartments, software is used to digitally read out what’s written on the screen. If they design is too complex, this can lead to sections of your website wording being read out in the wrong order.

Those with mobility issues may not be able to use a computer mouse… so how do they navigate between the umpteen pages on your website and scroll through your image gallery? Many people use keyboard to click or tab through each menu item. If build well, a website can be navigated with relative ease with just a few button clicks.

WCAG Compatible and Accessible Websites for those with disabilities
WCAG is like installing turning the lights up so everyone can see you’re open for business

Accessibility Features in Our Website Themes

In addition to being mobile responsive and user-friendly, our websites are built using WCAG compliant themes. Here’s just some of the features that make our websites WCAG friendly:

  • Tab Keyboard Navigation – Keyboard navigation allows you to navigate a website without using a mouse. By pressing the tab key, you can go through the links in a website’s menu. The tab key feature works on our websites, including dropdown menus.
  • Skip To Content Link – This button is visible when you press the tab key and allows you to jump to the content area without the need to scroll.
  • Link Focus Outline – This outline indicates when the link is on focus state.

These features are demonstrated in the animation below.

Source: Themify (Our Pro WordPress Themes Partners)

How to Get Your Website WCAG Compliant?

First up, if you’re going down the DIY route, may we suggest you first read our piece on How To Start A Website. Then, if you still opt for the self-build option, we highly suggest Themify as the ideal go-to WCAG compliant WordPress themes.

If you have an existing website and are wanting someone to take care of it for you, Contact us and we’ll provide a free assessment. Depending on how it’s built, your WCAG status could be sorted by a website redesign. Our Website Redesign package involves taking your existing website, making a copy of it, then updating the design (Theme) file that controls it’s layout. This takes care of any WCAG non compliant issues and adds a whole swag of other usability and Search Engine ranking benefits. Also, imagine not having to rebuild your website from scratch! 

And finally, for those getting a new website. This is simply a case of building it correctly from day one! And yes, of course we can support you on this journey also. Our New Website packages are fully inclusive. Even photos! And we take care of any WCAG compliance features that are likely to impact your audience.