What is a Blog and Do I Need One?

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‘Blog’ – An ugly word for a beautiful thing!

Blogs are often misunderstood by some business owners so let’s shed a little more light on the topic.

According to Webopedia, the term ‘Blog’ was first coined in 1997 by Jorn Barger, it being a truncated version of the term ‘weblog’, meaning to log things on the web. 

Many Posts Make a Blog

‘Blog posts’ are the pieces that make up a Blog. They are generally shorter pieces regularly added to a website Blog page, and separate to more static content such as your About and Contact pages. Blog posts are typically presented in reverse chronological order, with the most recent blog posts viewable first. The frequency of posting new content can range from multiple times per day (big news sites are a classic example of this) to a very small number of posts during a particular season. For example, a small music festival may only post in the direct lead-up to the event. Here at Web-Sta, we recommend a minimum of one Blog post per week or fortnight. 

Given the incredibly rapid growth rates of online content, an exact figure for the number of Blogs in existence is impossible to find. Educated estimates put the figure at over 440 million, with over 4 million blog posts being written per day. These figures don’t even factor in the rapid rise of ‘vlogging’ – Blogging in video form. This visual style of sharing content is spreading like wildfire on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. But more about vlogging another time! For now, back to the written form.

“87% of Visionaries and 81% of Leaders put content at the core of marketing.”
– Skyward –

Why blog at all?

Well, we could tell you all the technical reasons, and try and impress on you the significance of blogging when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)… but we’ve already done that! Click on through to our 3 part series that covers the basics. Today, instead of waves of stats and facts about why blogging is essential for your business’ online success, we’re going with a simple analogy.

A Blog is Like A Library

Imagine you find a new library. From the outside, it’s the next level in libraries. Designed by award-winning architects, it’s the kind of library that chases out all of those old school ideas of musty, cramped, quiet, authoritarianism. It’s less a ‘library’ and more a community hub.

The sign on the door tells you that there’s an onsite cafe, free wi-fi, and play area for the kids. Membership is free, and the few titles you can glimpse from the door look high quality. Whether you haven’t read a book since high school, or you read a book every night, it’s the kind of place that just entices you to explore!

You’re in! You’ve signed up, have your brand new library card, and have settled down in a comfy cafe chair to drink a delicious cup of coffee, and read this great book you found. It’s a really lovely experience – you’re glad you found this new library, and you’re looking forward to coming back! However, on the way out you can’t help but notice, this new library doesn’t really have many books in it yet. ‘Oh well,’ you think to yourself ‘it’s just a new library, I’m sure there are more books coming!’

A few weeks later, you front up at that visually pleasing entrance again, looking forward to a good coffee and finding something to read that feels like it was written just for you. You walk in, look around, and realise… There aren’t any new books! Just the same books you looked at the first time. Dejected, you go home. You don’t even stay for coffee.

A couple of weeks later, you try again. Just one more time. Still a beautiful frontage, but still no new books. You walk out… And you never go back.

Information Hub

Without a constantly refreshed ‘library’ of blog posts that are relevant to your business’ audience, your website is like a library without any new books. And no one keeps visiting a library that’s missing the key ingredient that makes it an information hub. Looking good and being well designed isn’t enough – your website needs to be an expanding information hub for visitors to keep coming back. 

Consistent, interesting, quality blog posts on relevant topics are what keep people coming back and sharing the joy with their friends – and that is exactly the magic that keeps your business growing!

Not A Writer?

Intimidated by the pressure of writing quality pieces regularly?

Web-Sta’s team of professional writers has you covered.

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