What Google Likes – More “Well-defined Content”

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Following on from our recent article, Google’s helpful content update, we’re already seeing the impacts of Google’s latest algorithm update.

If your website is filled with unhealthy, spam-like content (i.e. unhelpful content), you could be tipping the scales in the wrong direction.

You see, Google prefers their websites with a little more “well-defined content”. Google’s not really into sites that carry around too much ‘extra weight’ in the form of waffle, bloated salesy jargon or keyword stuffing. Content that not only looks good but has some substance too. Google isn’t easily impressed by cheap tricks! Websites that puts other people first appear very attractive to Google.

Sorry (not sorry lol) about all the cheesy dating-preference references, but seriously… if you had just updated your standards, would you still choose a website that’s let itself go? Would you not prefer one that’s well maintained and hasn’t let the spam, out of shape content and bloat add up? I feel like I’m fat shaming so many websites right now 🙂

Getting Back Onto The Fit Website Bandwagon

 As “Unknown” once said,

The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now.” 

There are several strategies to get your website looking all sculpted and attractive again and to encourage Google to pick you out from the crowd once again.

  1. Make Your Website E-A-T | The perfect website diet! Ensure your website content conveys Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Learn more about E-A-T with Google.
  2. Focus On People-First Content | Google’s recent ‘Helpful Content Update’ was aimed at rewarding websites where a visitors’ search and website browsing experience are satisfying. Checkout our article, Google’s Helpful Content Update – What You Should Know.
  3. Invest in Regular SEO | Increase your reach and credibility, appear in more local searches and make your business more profitable with the right, audience-focused Search Engine Optimisation strategy.
  4. Understanding The SEO Race | In another article called The Race To 1st Place – Why SEO is Like the Olympics I talk how SEO is part of the physical preparation of winning yourself a Google first place medal.

  5. Avoid Black Hat SEO Tactics | Fast, dirty and short-lived, ‘Black Hat SEO’ focuses purely on ways to “trick” the search engines and pays no heed to the human experience. Learn what constitutes as black hat SEO. There’s no cheating when it comes to SEO. Google rewards those who put in the effort.

The Bottom Line

These powerful resources will help you transform your website into the sculpted, good looking specimen Google has eyes for.

  1. Don’t do it for Google | Focus on your real audience… your existing and prospective customers
  2.  Put your website on the E-A-T diet | Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness
  3. Understand + Invest in quality SEO | Work with SEO pros that understand what your audience wants – not just what Google is looking for.

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