What Does Your Website Reflect And Does This Inspire Your Prospects?

Reading Time: 1 minute

Think back to WHY you started your business. What was your inspiration?

In a 2019 article by uschamber.com, they outlined 5 inspiring reasons why people often start businesses in the first place.

  1. Creating the solution they wish they had 

  2. Being their own boss

  3. Helping fellow small business owners

  4. Advancing a social cause

  5. Revitalising their own community

Honestly, reasons 1 through to 3 were I started Web-Sta. ‘She’ was born out of the frustration I had dealing with condescending, mostly male web designers that were expensive. Why should I pay a re still had me sourcing all of my wording and images. I desired a more friendly and easier experience.

Inspiring Website Design

Now think WHY you’d invest in a website. What is the purpose?

Beyond ranking well in Google and converting visitors into customers, hopefully it’s to support one or more of your WHYs listed above. This makes for a much more customer-centric website which, when done well will take care of your Google ranking and conversion rate objectives. This is because your website is better positioned to connect and INSPIRE them to WANT to buy from you vs your website just being ‘another Google result’ to choose from.

What does your website reflect to your audience?

  • Your prospective customer’s problems and the solutions you offer?
  • The WHY/S behind starting your business?
  • How you continue to help your audience?
  • The social causes you support / contribute to?
  • Your community involvement or community groups you’re building?

The Bottom Line

Ensuring your website reflects you, your business, what you offer and WHY goes a long way towards creating, what we call in the industry, “A Well Crafted Website”. 

A Well Crafted Website is customer-centric, inspiring them to want to do business with you.

What does your website reflect about you and your business?