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Website Hosting

Fully Managed Website Hosting
+ Management

Website Launched 2018!
Website Launched 2018!

Your Website Fully Managed

You Deserve A Website That Performs

We combine both the physical storage of your website files
with the added security monitoring, regular updates and
performance tracking that keep your website safe, secure and functional.

If you’re with a hosting provider that you’re not happy with,
we’ll take care of all your domain, email and hosting transfers for you.

Business Health Checklist

Transferring Your Web Services

Existing Website Transfer

We’ll transfer your existing WordPress website to your new hosting account with Web-Sta. Little to no downtime and and we’ll perform a full health check to ensure everything is working.

Domain Name Transfer

We’ll consolidate your existing domain name/s too! Know that all of your website services are being well managed in the one place.

Business Emails

We love and trust Google Workspace for your business emails. Emails with another provider? We’ll take care of these also for uninterrupted service.

Monthly Hosting Inclusions

  • SSL Certificate License
  • Daily Backups
  • FREE Rollback Service
  • 24/7 Security + Performance Monitoring
  • Google results tracking
  • Continued WordPress Core + Plugin software updates
  • Monthly Google Ranking + Analytics + FMWH Report
  • Club Web-Sta Membership
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