Website Hosting,
Fully Managed

  • Optimal Speed + Performance
  • Uptime + Stability
  • Security + Monitoring
  • Technical Updates + Backups

Similar to your smart phone, modern-day websites feature multiple pieces of software requiring regular updates to function and perform well. Our Fully Managed Website Hosting (FMWH) offers the peace of mind that these updates are being performed on your behalf.

BONUS // as part of our website hosting service, your website is consistently being monitored for performance, speed and security and it’s backed-up regularly ensure your data is safe at all times.

Why Go Fully Managed with your Hosting?

Here are the objectives of why investing in Fully Managed Website Hosting is the smart choice.

  1. Present Your Website + Brand in the best possible light // by leveraging fast and reliable server speed + performance, we can further positively influence your Google Ranking
  2. Maintain Site Stability // with ongoing scheduled plugin and WordPress core updates + monitoring, we test your site after each update to ensure everything remains compatible + in working order
  3. Implement Security Measures // with installation + configuration of latest security plugins preventing Brute Force Attacks and other hacking attempts

What’s Included

Fully Managed Wordpress Hosting (FMWH)

  • SSL Certificate Licence
  • Daily, 6 hourly or 1 hourly Backup
  • FREE Rollback Service in case of software conflict errors
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring + Performance Monitoring
  • Google results tracking
  • Continued WordPress Core + Plugin software updates (including Pro Plugins + Themes)
  • Monthly Google Ranking + Analytics + FMWH Report

Backup of Existing Website + Transfer

If you already have an existing WordPress website, we can take a full copy from your current host provider and transfer it across to your new Fully Managed Website Hosting account with Web-Sta.

Delegation of Domain Name

We either purchase or transfer your www website address, then point it to your new website hosting account.

G Suite Email Set-Up

We even set-up your professionally branded emails through Google G Suite email service. If you already have G Suite or Office 365 (O365) emails, we take care of the settings for uninterrupted functionality.

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