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Behind every powerful website is a powerful hosting service, but many small businesses trip up over this technical stage of the website design process.

If you’re new to web design and development, you probably didn’t know what website hosting was or how it worked.

It’s a bit like this:

Let’s say your business’s website is a physical property. Website hosting is where your website lives on the internet. When choosing how to host their website, businesses can choose unmanaged hosting or managed hosting.

Unmanaged hosting is like buying a bare block of land, then building a secure home for your website from scratch – with whatever knowledge and resources you have available.

Managed hosting is like buying a fully-furnished house that has everything you need already built-in, as well as a butler and dedicated staff taking care of your home 24/7. Sure, yes, it might cost you a bit more, but isn’t the peace of mind, safety and security of your website also important?

To make the right decision about website hosting, Australian business owners need to know the benefits and risks presented by managed and unmanaged hosting.

We’ll walk you through the three main benefits of managed website hosting, as well as explain the risks and processes involved in choosing an unmanaged hosting provider:

  • You’ll save time and stress
  • You’ll gain security for your business (and your customers)
  • You’ll get world-class support from a local source

Keep reading to learn more about this crucial stage of website development, and find out why a fully managed website hosting service is the best option for Australian businesses.

3 Reasons To Choose Managed Website Hosting From Australian Professionals 

  • You’ll Save Time And Stress With Professional Support

When business owners realise the time and risk involved in managing their own website hosting, they look for hosting providers who can take care of as much of the admin as possible.

With 330,000 hosting providers available around the world, choosing the right one for your requirements can be cumbersome. However, when powerful website hosting is the foundation for a powerful website, businesses can’t cut corners with this technical aspect of website design.

The alternative to fully managed website hosting is unmanaged hosting. This is where you pay a minimal fee for a ‘chunk of space’ on a web server somewhere, build what’s required to keep your website swift and secure, and handle all necessary security measures in-house (or ignore them completely).

Unmanaged website hosting is better suited to businesses who know exactly what they’re doing for their website. They usually have a dedicated IT team capable of managing that little ‘chunk,’   or an entire web server for bigger sites, and able to take care of their website management, monitoring and backup requirements on a daily basis. Ideally this team would also be updating their website content regularly to keep up with the latest Google ranking algorithm.

But for the average Australian businesses, unmanaged website hosting is an unnecessary headache – there’s a lot to learn, especially if you’ve never built or managed a website before.

Without fully managed website hosting, Australian business owners have to undertake all hosting responsibilities and activities on their own. This includes:

  • Storage to keep all your files with room for future growth
  • Software to enhance performance and create an impressive user experience
  • Security to protect your website’s data as well as the customers visiting your site
  • Monitoring to detect potential improvements and vulnerabilities
  • Backups to store your website data for easy retrieval if the server is damaged
  • Updates to maintain your website’s speed, performance, and security
  • Damage Control should anything actually go wrong

And this isn’t even taking Google performance into account.

Having to perform these tasks on a regular basis takes up a lot of time, and that’s not including the time it takes to learn about website hosting. Australian business owners would have to hire more staff to dedicate to these tasks, or risk their site becoming outdated and vulnerable to cyberattacks due to neglected updates or an unforeseen bug or hack.

website hosting australia

As well as taking up precious time that you need to run your business day-to-day, unmanaged website hosting comes with significant risk. You will be entirely responsible for keeping your website and emails online and keeping your customers’ data safe when navigating your platform.

  • You’ll Gain Security For Your Business (And Your Customers)

If all your business’s documents, stock, and other assets were stored in a building, you’d want to make sure that building was secure, right? When given the option, most business owners would have 24/7 CCTV and a few buff security guards patrolling their premises at all times.

When it comes to website hosting, Australian business owners have to choose between the equivalent of being their own security guard and hiring a full-scale security team to take care of everything. When a website is hacked every 39 seconds, you need professional back-up!

But many businesses still cut corners with web hosting, and go for the unmanaged option because it seems less expensive. They soon pay the price of having an insecure website.

website security
While you may not think your website is worth targeting, there are programs designed to automatically try to hack it. Every website needs to be protected.

Having critical vulnerabilities such as outdated software and weak passwords can cost your business thousands of dollars in damages for stolen customer data, as well as the unquantifiable cost of a ruined reputation.

Fully managed website hosting offers Australian business owners the peace of mind that their website is protected at all times. Rather than trying to keep on top of regular updates and security checks on your own, a team of dedicated website developers (with their own reputation on the line) take care of everything for you.

When choosing managed website hosting, look for the following services:

  • Plug-in updates to minimise the risk of old and ineffective software and keep your website sharp
  • Malware, spam, and virus detection to constantly be on the lookout for potential vulnerabilities and eliminate them immediately
  • Traffic management to allow good traffic into the website while keeping suspicious users out
  • Latest security protocols to futureproof your website security as hacking trends develop
  • SFTP to protect data being uploaded onto your website and prevent interception
  • SSL to protect you and customers visiting your website from data theft

Data back-ups to protect your website’s data so it’s retrievable in the event of a massive technical problem or disaster

Infographic for 7 Benefits of Fully Managed Australian Website Hosting

Web-Sta’s fully managed website hosting for Australian business guarantees the most rigorous security protocols. This includes hourly back-ups, 24/7 monitoring, and monthly reports to give our client’s peace of mind that their online presence is protected. Find out more about our website hosting services.

  • You’ll Get World-Class Advice From A Local Source

Fully managed website hosting is useful to small Australian businesses because it offers protection, support, and advice from a dedicated team of website developers who monitor clients’ websites every day.

When choosing your hosting provider, you’ll likely be seeking the knowledge and reputation of a global service. Entrusting your website’s hosting with a leading worldwide provider is a safe bet for the following reasons:

  • Thousands of other customers trust them

Your business is one of many others using their services, and the hosting provider will have hundreds of highly-trained staff trained to handle specific website hosting tasks. This guarantees a highly specialised technical service from professionals who handle many websites every day.

  • Their reputation is precious

A global website hosting service puts its reputation on the line every day. If a customer experiences a security breach or data theft through their hosting, the provider will be exposed and lose all credibility. This places an enormous responsibility on the provider to ensure their customers receive the best possible hosting service.

  • You’ll get leading protocols and strategies

Today, mobile responsiveness and page load speed are crucial elements to achieve a high-performing website. By using a reputable worldwide provider, you can guarantee that your business’s website will be backed with the hosting capability to enhance page load speed and impress customers on mobile.

showing servers for website hosting Australia websites
The ‘cloud’ isn’t this invisible concept. A bulk of the data you access online lives in rooms like this all over the world. A peak inside of a server room in a data centre.

The majority of website hosting providers are in North America, closely followed by Asia, then Europe. If the people watching over your website are thousands of miles away, how well are they going to understand you and your business’s needs? How personalised will the service be?

If you run a small business in Australia, you’re going to want the best hosting service for your website – but you’ll find it much easier to speak with familiar professionals who understand the needs of Australian businesses.

By finding a world-class provider of website hosting in Australia, businesses access the skills and strategies from a leading source while appreciating the personal support from people who are familiar.

At Web-Sta, our team of website development professionals bring in-depth knowledge of the latest website hosting strategies, with a local service that addresses the needs of local Australian business owners.

With 35% of all websites powered by WordPress, our specialised capability with this platform allows you to create a powerful website without losing the personal touch of working with a local provider.

Our monthly reports and passion for supporting local businesses means we provide customers with the insights and advice they need to perfect their business’s online presence.

When choosing the best option for website hosting, Australian businesses can have the best of both worlds with our fully managed website hosting service. Give us a call to learn more about what we can offer for your business.


To run a secure and successful website, you’ve got to build it from the ground up. Website hosting is the strong foundation for any website, whether it’s to sell products or just advertising services.

Although inexpensive and flexible, unmanaged hosting is an unnecessary hassle for business owners who just need the job done well. A fully managed website hosting provider will take care of your website’s requirements.

Your choice of website hosting in Australia sets-up your website’s performance, stability, and protection from hackers and data leaks. With so much on the line, it’s essential to find a hosting service that offers world-class strategies with a personal understanding of what your business needs.

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