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“90% of consumers read online reviews
before visiting a business.”

Customer Reviews and Your Website

Once upon a time, reviews published on your website were not perceived as credible or legit, so they ‘fell out of fashion’. Years passed where no business owner wanted to invest their time or money on adding reviews or testimonials to their website; oh, how things have changed!

Like how Facebook has made it “okay” to scroll, sites like WOMO and Google My Business have bought reviews very much back into vogue.  Reviews play a BIG part in establishing credibility in your industry and the humble “Testimonials page” is back to being a worthwhile inclusion on your website.

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How to Add Reviews to your Website

Depending on how many reviews you already have, here are a few ways we suggest adding reviews to your website.

Throughout Your Site / if you only have a few quality reviews, you can add reviews throughout your existing website pages. This approach somewhat disguises that you don’t have many reviews and it allows for new prospective customers to read reviews as they are browsing your site for other information. Adding reviews throughout prominent sales or landing pages is also a common approach.

Sidebar / this is also a great way of disguising a low number of reviews. Some website platforms will allow you to display these randomly or even in a scrolling slideshow.

Dedicated Reviews Page / if you have a lot of reviews, a dedicated “Reviews” or “Testimonials” page is worthwhile. This will require adding a new page to your site, then deciding how you’re going to add reviews moving forward.

While you can just “copy + paste” reviews into position, there are some great software options available that can semi or even fully automate this process.

Given we’re WordPress website designers, we’ll count down our TOP 3 preferred Plugins specifically for WordPress.

3 / WordPress Business Reviews Plugin | allows you to automatically combine your Yelp, Facebook + Google Reviews and display them on your site. 

2 / Site Reviews by Gemini Labs | easy set-up with optional review approval process and online review request form.

1 / Rich Reviews | with an easy set-up and similar features to Site Reviews above, Rich Reviews also offers a great 3 column layout that makes this our top pick.

If adding reviews to your website is not on your “To Do List”, then contact us for a free quote! We’ll discuss your unique requirements and can recommend the best course of action.

Happy Customer Reviews for your Online Marketing Strategy

How to Encourage Reviews

Once you have incorporated reviews in your website, it’s now time to request your happy customers start leaving you reviews. 

Most consumers don’t understand just how helpful their review might be. A great place to start is by emailing your customers and asking nicely. To make this process easier for you, we have created this How To Request an Online Review tutorial and reviews request script that you’re most welcome to use. 

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Responding to Your Reviews

Platforms like WOMO, Google and Facebook allow you to respond to your customer reviews. We suggest responding to every review, even the negative ones. This provides prospective customers an insight into your customer-service-style and shows evidence that you are responsive and professional. To help guide you, here’s an article we wrote on the subject, How To Respond To Google Reviews.

If this all seems a bit overwhelming and you’re not sure what approach will work best for you, we highly recommend speaking with a WordPress and WooCommerce specialist (like us).

Click here for a free call back to discuss your requirements and free quote.