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Website Announcements


“Adding announcements to your site is an effective way
to direct user attention and boost conversions.” ~ wpbeginner

Why Display + Update Announcements on Your Website?

Imagine visiting a website and being immediately met with a new sales announcement or latest blog each time you go there.

We’ll run through a few basic website announcements, including examples, so that you can see how your business can benefit from this type of website edit.

While regularly updating even minor information like an announcement may not directly impact your website ranking, it can help increase traffic to your site and how long they stay engaged on your site… both metrics that Google DOES pay attention to.

Another benefit is that it encourages prospects and existing customers who have been to your website before to keep coming back for more. 

Website updates worth making

How To Display Announcements On Your Website

There are so many options here and, while this does depend on how your website has been originally built (e.g. is it a WordPress website or HTML), generally this is a pretty simple website update.

1. The Announcement Bar / Banner

Adding an announcement bar to your website is a fantastic way to promote something ‘short and sweet’ on every page of your website.

Generally used to capture email addresses, you can present pretty much any news-worthy or subscription based offering here. This can include a special discount, a seasonal promotion, a competition or time-sensitive marketing campaigns with a countdown timer – we offer a FREE download

2. The Homepage Announcement Update

Exclusive to the homepage, this is how a lot of small businesses chose to display COVID-related announcements. It’s also generally a more cost-effective announcement method and, depending on your website platform, you may even be able to keep this updated yourself with relative ease.

This section can be used to announce upcoming workshops or webinars or updates like; changes to your opening hours, a new product range or supplier, or your latest customer review or article.

3. Blogging

While a Blog is most commonly used to publish articles, it can also be utilised for longer-form, more detailed announcements.

Longer announcements could include management or staff changes, new service or product launches, a newly released customer case study, or any general updates you want to bring to your prospective or existing customers’ attention.

Blogging is also the method that can have the most influence on your Google rank. – Our Blog page sample

For more on Blogging, please read our article explaining What is a Blog exactly and why you need one.

The Final Word on Website Announcements

We’ve covered 3 of our preferred website announcement options including:

  1. Announcement Bar / Banner 
  2. Homepage Announcement Area, and
  3. Blogging

So, to find out if your website is a prime candidate for website announcements, contact Web-Sta and we can advise what option is going to best suit you.