Website Edits

If your website is looking old, has out of date information or you’re in need of some website edits and upgrades including shopping carts, online bookings and custom functionality, we can assist.

We take care of all of the website edits and technical details so that you can focus on other things.

Yep, we do it all!

Your Existing Website
Made Better

Over time, websites start to show their age, information goes out of date needing website edits or your business grows to require extra features.

Whether you need just a simple edit, extra functionality or your existing website that needs a complete makeover, the right web design company will offer the fully-coordinated, clearly communicated and effectively delivered website edits you want and need. 

Your Website

Re-Designed, Edited or Enhanced

WordPress Websites Made New Again

Our preferred website platform is WordPress due to its flexibility, editability, and it being 100% transferable. If your website was built using WordPress, then you’re in luck. Your existing WordPress website can be fully made over while maintaining your existing pages and content. This is particularly helpful if you already have a big website and want to avoid having to start from scratch.

Fuss-Free Website Makeovers

Professional Website Edits and website customisation

Extra Features

If you already have an existing WordPress website, we can enhance it with extra functionality, features and even automation to make your day to day business life easier.

Depending on your business model, you may benefit from

  • A Shopping Cart set-up with online payments
  • Online Bookings to suit accommodation or a calendar for appointment scheduling
  • A Blog, allowing you to share guru-staus articles
Website Edits by local web design company