How Long Does it take to get a Website Designed?

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You want to be cautious of definitive answers to this question, as this can easily lead to potential frustration and disappointment. There are so many moving parts to coordinate when it comes to website design; what’s really important is quality.

Numerous factors affect website design timeframes. These include: the number of pages required, the complexity of features + functions that need to be built into the site and whether copy, imagery and the business logo are being supplied or sourced.

Once your website designer has obtained detailed information about what you want, they can generally give you a clear schedule and a timeframe for the launch date. 

In this article we’ll look at The 8 Stages of Website Design: 

  1. Welcome + Onboarding
  2. Transfers + Hosting Setup
  3. Content Writing + Feedback
  4. Design, Layout + Feedback
  5. Website Pre Launch Testing + ‘Go Live’ Prep
  6. ‘Going Live’
  7. Post Launch Activity + Website Visibility
  8. Fully Managed WordPress Hosting (FMWH)

What is the Website Design Process?

Every website design business has a slightly different way of doing things. At Web-Sta our design process has 8 distinct stages. Here’s an overview of our web design process:

Stage 1: Welcome + Onboarding

Following an initial enquiry, we’ll conduct a more detailed Discovery session. During this session we’ll seek to understand your business objectives, personality and target audience. At this stage we’ll also

  • process your initial or ‘best price’ payment option
  • collect business ownership + contact details 
  • collect login details

Stage 2: Transfer + Hosting

The steps in this stage will vary depending on whether we are reviving an existing WordPress website or creating a new one. This stage predominantly focuses on:

  • new registration or transfer of your domain name
  • setup of staging / development server environment for testing
  • setup and reconfiguration of your new website hosting account
  • setup or transfer of website files + email records
  • preparation of copywriter + designer Briefs

Stage 3: Content Writing + Feedback

During this stage the professional copywriter assigned to your project collates quality content including: 

  • any pre-existing text, imagery or video content to be used
  • company branding and logos
  • she then researches the business and subject matter to produce content that is favoured by the latest Google search and ranking directives. She’ll produce content designed to boost engagement, trust, and credibility with existing clients and prospects. The copy will contain clear steps on how prospects and clients can contact and buy from you today
  • this content is supplied to you for review + editing; and once finalised is prepared for the design stage

Stage 4: Design, Functionality + Feedback

This is where things get pretty exciting. Our designer will pull together the design concept and layout elements of your new site. This includes any customised functionality like a shopping cart or booking system where applicable. Our designer will then publish your pre-approved, Google friendly, content. 

Then…. drumroll please!… we’ll present your fully functional, 100% modifiable, website design and navigation concept, together with a clear guideline on how to review your new website. We call this guideline, “how to gauge your Love levels” and it equips you with an easy and efficient method for identifying what works for you, what may require modification, and the various options for submitting this feedback.

Stage 5: Website Pre Launch Testing + Prep 

Any changes are now applied and the server hosting environment is prepped for the switch over from any existing site to your Revived or Newly Built one. It’s during this time that your site undergoes significant, multiple device testing to ensure all buttons and links, shopping and booking processes, downloadables, forms etc. all function 100%.

How Long Does it take to get a Website Designed?

Google My Business registration, GMail email setup and transfers, social media + image suites, page-by-page metadata are all progressed during the various stages, pending customised needs.

Stage 6: Going Live

And then it happens! Your new digital web presence is released to the World Wide Web vying for a game of visibility. Quite simply, the more people that see your quality website design, the more likely you will generate leads, and convert those leads into delighted, loyal customers + clients.

Stage 7: Post Launch Activity + SEO

Once you’ve settled into your new site, you’ll want to turn your attention to ways to promote your website and keep it relevant. This may include the assistance of additional Web-Sta digital marketing content creation + tools including a blog series, to help you rank for key search phrases; and animated explainer videos. [link to Web blog 1 of 1]

Stage 8: Fully Managed WordPress Hosting (FMWH)

At Web-Sta we’ll help you publicise your website launch through social media and other channels. We’ll also set up your Google Analytics + monthly reporting. These features inform you of software updates, and shows you how clients and prospects are interacting with your site, and how your website is operating. 

For even more information on How Much, How Long + What’s Involved you can read our recent blog on the subject.


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