How to Switch Website Design Companies?

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Your Guide to Finding a New Website Designer and Web Hosting

If you’re Googling how to switch web hosts or website design companies then it’s likely that you’re pretty unhappy with your current provider. This may be because: they never get back to you, charge exorbitant fees for minor maintenance or, just don’t have the technical know-how to take your website to the next level. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to switch, you need to know that it is possible, but takes a bit of work, and knowledge, on your part to make it happen. 

In this article we’ll outline: 

  • How to make the switch between website designers easier
  • The often asked question of “who ‘owns’ your domain name”
  • How to choose a new website designer

How Can I Switch Website Design Companies + Hosting Easily and Painlessly?

There’s the rub. You want this process to be as straightforward and painless as possible, but there are lots of elements to think about. So what should you do?

FIRSTLY,  make sure you have all the usernames and passwords connected to your website before you tell your current website designer you’re leaving. 

This includes: 

SECONDLY, look for a website designer with the ability to import an existing web page layout (if your existing hosting service allows for this). Essentially you want to avoid a whole new website design again if possible.

THIRDLY, check the terms of your contract with your current designer – who owns what? This is important so you know whether you can legally re-use the content, images, logo and design. At Web-Sta everything we produce for you is owned by you

 Need to Switch Website Design Companies?

Do I Own my Domain Name?

A common question people ask when they want to switch website providers is: ‘does my domain name come with me?’ Your domain name is the name that is attached to your website e.g. It is how people find your business online, so it’s very important. If you registered your domain name yourself then you will have login details for your domain registrar.

If your web design company registered your domain, then the domain registrar will view them as the ‘customer’ for that domain. Unless your web designer has already supplied you with these, you will need to request they give you access to the password to redirect your domain to your new web host.

Keep in mind you never actually ‘own’ your domain, you just pay for the exclusive rights to use it on a yearly basis. It is important however that your domain be registered to your ABN and not that of the web designer or even a friend or business associate that might be registering this on your behalf.

How do I Choose a New Website Designer?

When you’re looking for quality website design Brisbane, there’s a couple of things you should find out about web designers you’ve shortlisted:

  • Do they offer support? It’s no good if your new website designer creates an amazing new website but doesn’t offer assistance with maintenance and technological glitches. At Web-Sta we provide ongoing, responsive support to make sure your website stays in tip top condition. 
  • Are they contactable when you need them? Find a local agency who’ll be available at the hours you need. If you select an overseas or interstate designer – factoring in time zone differences and daylight saving – you might not be able to reach them when you urgently need to. 
  • Will your website come with a CMS? Some website design Brisbane businesses, including Web-Sta, give you access to your website so you can update and edit its content via a CMS (Content Management System). If you aren’t provided with access to a CMS, every time you want to change so much as a comma, you’ll need to go through your website designer who will likely charge you for the service! WordPress is the most popular CMS platform globally with more than 37 million websites. We use WordPress at Web-Sta because it offers many benefits to our Clients. 

If you want to switch website design companies, do your research first. Pick a new website designer who’s prepared to talk you through the steps, so you understand what’s involved. Remember, while it might be a bit of work at the time, switching website designers will likely result in a better, stronger and reinvigorated website.

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