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At first glance, your website copywriting might not seem as important as the web design. It’s just the words, right? You don’t have to learn code or web development tactics to write website content, so surely there’s no need to pay a professional?

After reading this article, you’ll understand why this assumption leads so many business owners down a dark path to a poorly-performing website.

Without strategic website copywriting, a business website fails to attract customers, keep up with the industry leaders, and rank well on search engines.

These components are critical to the success of your business online – and they’re only achievable with the help of a skilled website content writer.

When getting the content together for your business’s website, the website copywriting process covers a number of best practices. These tactics achieve 3 things for your business:

  • Engage Your Customers
  • Match (then surpass) Others in Your Industry
  • Boost Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To help business owners understand the value of website copywriting, we’ll explain how each goal is achieved by a dedicated writing team within a web design business.

Achieve 3 Business Goals With Professional Website Copywriting

1.  Engage Your Customers

You might know your business, but website content writers know how to “tell the sell”. Website copywriting is a serious skill, requiring a deep understanding of language, your target audience, and the online world.

But when business owners don’t recognise the importance of website content, their online presence fails to make an impact on potential customers. 38% of people stop engaging with a website if the content or design is unattractive, so cutting corners with content will cost your business valuable customers.

If you choose to work with a professional web design business, then a professional website content writer will be set the task of creating your business’s web copy. Rather than doing what they think is right and hoping for the best, like a business owner doing DIY website copywriting, a quality writer will follow a number of best practices to maximise audience engagement with easy to understand and accurate content.


To catch your audience’s attention, a website copywriting process involves 3 things:

  • Writing captivating headers

The average person spends between 10 and 20 seconds on a webpage. If you want them to stay and give your business a chance, your content needs to capture their attention – and fast.

Website content writers understand our short attention spans online, and they will use powerful headers and slogans that showcase your business and encourage visitors to keep reading.

  • Bridging the gap between business and buyer

There is such a thing as being ‘too close’ to your business. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking they can write their website content because they’re industry experts.

While that might be true, customers don’t click on your construction website for a lesson about the chemistry of concrete. Too much industry jargon and not enough customer-centric messaging is the main reason why DIY website copywriting fails.

A professional website copywriting process involves creating content that demonstrates your business’s expertise, but also tells potential customers what they need to hear. It requires in-depth research into your customer personas and their pain points, as well as understanding what makes your business stand out.

  • Creating a journey through your website

Without strategic website content, your web pages will put readers off – with huge walls of text, uninspiring headers, and no links through to other parts of the site. This sends your bounce rates through the roof, as inaccessible website content immediately shuts down customer interest.

Quality website content does more than just engage the reader on one page. To activate website visitors into buying customers, website copywriters can strategically guide potential customers to the information they need on your website – then encourage them to get in touch.

Here at Web-Sta, our team of professional website content writers have years of experience writing for different industries. You can benefit from our comprehensive copywriting service that supports your business goals, creating content that centres around the needs and interests of your customers.

2.   Match (Then Surpass) The Competition

When compared to paid ads, investing in content marketing gets businesses three times as many leads per dollar spent.

That’s a statistic you’d want to keep to yourself. However, all businesses are catching on to the value of investing in the power of content – whether that’s on your website, on your blog, or your social media posts.

With 70% of businesses using a content marketing strategy, it’s best to assume that your competitors are using a website copywriter. That means hiring a professional to take care of the words on your website is the bare minimum requirement to stand out against the competition.

But not all website content writers are equal. If you can find a full-scale web design agency equipped with some highly-skilled website copywriters, they’ll be able to showcase your business far beyond others in your industry.

A website content writer uses these tactics to give your business a competitive advantage:

  • Showcase your brand personality

If there’s one thing a professional website content writer can do, it’s making any business sound impressive. You could be a commercial freight business or an organic skincare store, a web design agency that’s specialised in website copywriting will develop your brand and create powerful messaging that draws customers in.

Discovering and demonstrating your business’s personality is all part of a professional website copywriting process. Without the help of a professional, business owners doing DIY website content will skip over this component and end up with uninspiring messages.

  • Keep up with trends

No business owner has time to research the latest trends in website content, let alone write something modern and engaging. So if you’re looking to DIY your website content, don’t expect it to measure up against the websites of industry leaders.

A website content writer dedicates their working week to keep up with popular website content strategies and trendy tactics for business web copy. They’ll spend their time analysing what makes different websites successful – whether that’s humour, informative content, snappy sentences, or the latest industry statistics.

Website content writers study their craft, so business owners who hire a professional for their website copywriting will reap the benefits of a competitive and modern website.

3.   Boost Website SEO

Incorporating SEO tactics into your website content is essential for it to get results for your business. Like many aspects of web design and development, SEO is a tricky concept to grasp, and it takes years of study and constant research to stay on top of the latest developments in search engine algorithms.

Without the help of a dedicated website content writer, business owners must spend hours of their busy day to conduct SEO research and create a strategy for their website copywriting – and that’s if they’re doing it correctly. If you’re misguided in your SEO research, your precious time is wasted and your business’s website fails to get the results you’re after – which spells money down the drain.

But for a team of professional content writers, SEO is like a second language. A full-scale web design agency will have a website copywriting process that includes results-driven best practices for SEO.

For professional website copywriters, their reputation is on the line with every website, so getting results for your business with SEO tactics is essential for them to advertise the value of their service.

To boost your website’s performance, a website content writer will follow these SEO best practices:

  • Implement on-page keywords

A critical part of the website copywriting process is using an SEO tool to conduct in-depth research into your customers’ online behaviour.

By learning what search terms your customers use to find your services, website content writers can incorporate these keywords into your web copy so that search engines prioritise your website on results pages.

  • Write for voice search

Voice search is thought to make up 50% of all searches this year. To optimise your site for voice searches, content writers will ensure your website copy is simple and conversational. This is a great tactic to use beyond SEO, as website visitors prefer to read content that’s friendly and straightforward – like they’re having a conversation with you or one of your staff.

  • Attract local searches

For small and medium businesses serving a particular area, local SEO is essential for your website to attract nearby customers. 46% of all Google searches are localised, meaning people are seeking products / services closest to them.

A professional copywriter will incorporate localised search queries into your website content strategy to boost your ranking. If your business relies on customers who live in the area, prioritising local SEO will maximise your chance of attracting more local customers.

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Conclusion: For Your Website To Make An Impact, Professional Website Copywriting Is Essential

If you want your website to drive results for your business, professional website copywriting is essential.

The skills and strategies in a content writers repertoire are a powerful asset for businesses looking to boost their brand, attract more customers, and stand out against the competition.

Plus, the money you spend hiring a skilled copywriter is far less than the money you’ll lose by wasting your time on DIY website content. The returns on investment for professional website copywriting makes hiring a specialist a no-brainer.

So if you’re looking for a full-scale solution to business web design, development, and website content writing, it’s time to talk to the team at Web-Sta.


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