Your Monthly Website Services Subscription

Thank you for using our automated processes where available.
Doing so means more time to focus on the activities that matter most,
and discovering new ways to collaborate for your success.

the services

♦   Your Fully Managed Website Hosting

♦   Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate Protection

♦   Domain Name Renewal

packaged combos for cash-flow + convenience
as an automated monthly payment

Things to know about your Monthly Website Services Subscription

  • Automated monthly payments are securely processed by PayPal.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, please view the payment options section below for credit card and debit card payments.
  • Subscriptions Payments occur on the day of the month you commence your subscription
  • Subscriptions are processed for the month ahead
  • Receipts are issued by PayPal, and Web-Sta Tax Receipts are available upon request
  • Subscriptions which may be ended* part way through the month are non refundable
    as your Subscription includes Managed Hosting + SSL Renewals, it should not be ended without prior discussion as this will impact the visibility of your website. Collaboration is key!

About Your Payment Options


Need Help?

At Web-Sta, we understand that our Clients have crafted different skills and talents to us, meaning the fast-paced world of ‘Technology” may not be one of them.

If in doubt about how to set this recurring payment up, please contact us and we’ll happily to guide you through any part of this process.