Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

At Web-Sta Web Design + eMarketing, we’re focused on keeping your most valuable digital asset safe and fully functional.

Hosting, Managed Hosting + Fully Managed Hosting //
Why 2 out of 3 Isn’t Enough

Now, it’s important to know that not all website hosting is created equal,
and not all WordPress hosting is FULLY MANAGED!

WordPress Website Hosting

Fully managed, we believe, means that all of the vital WordPress Core and Plugin software updates, monitoring and backups, required to keep your website as safe and secure as possible, are taken care of FOR YOU! Not by You.

We understand you have more important things to get on with which is why we not only take care of these vital elements on your behalf, we’ve been in the industry for over 12 years and have specifically catered to WordPress website hosting for more than 8.

Our Triple Layer WordPress Hosting Management Platform

Great WordPress hosting takes more than just a good hosting server, it takes a combination of many manual and automated processes to keep your WordPress website safe and functioning as expected.

Fully Managed Web Hosting Brisbane

We do this with 3 layers of management and technical support:

    1. Web-Sta’s Fully Managed WordPress Hosting (“FMWH”) // is a combination of hosting server infrastructure + manually custom-designed setups
    2. 24/7 Monitoring Software // that is third party sourced to ensure impartiality, maximum uptime, and generate greater peace of mind
    3. Website Technical Support Teams // at the Web-Sta layer, the Hosting layer and WordPress website software layer we provide technical support all round, as + when you require it

Web-Sta’s Fully Managed WordPress Hosting (FMWH) Inclusions

In addition to our Security-Centric + Technically-Minded Team, we leverage the best of automation + manual application to ensure our Client WordPress websites are as safe + secure as possible. Just some of our regular inclusions are:

  • Regular WordPress Core updates
  • Regular WordPress Plugin updates
  • Regular WordPress Theme updates
  • Post-update Plugin compatibility testing
  • Post-update Plugin update conflict resolution
  • Daily backups (more frequently for busier websites)
  • FREE Emergency WordPress website rollback if it’s ever required

You can also reference our Managed Web Hosting Services and why it is ‘An Investment You Can’t Afford Not To Have’ Blog for a broader list + description of inclusions.

Get Your WordPress Website Moved for FREE

24/7 Monitoring + Other Advanced Software Advantages

Included in your annual hosting charge with Web-Sta, you also get to take advantage of our automated monitoring systems and developer licenced software.

    • Developer license WordPress Themes + Plugin software
    • Third-Party WordPress security monitoring hub
    • Uptime Checks every 5 Minutes
    • Page load speeds + site optimisation monitoring
    • WordPress Security Firewall Software
  • Monthly Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Report with
    • Google Ranking
    • Google Analytics Metrics
    • Website Uptime Log

Reported to you each and every month, it won’t take you long to appreciate just how much activity goes into keeping your WordPress website safe, not matter how big or small the business it represents.

Get Your WordPress Site Transferred for FREE

WordPress websites, even the small ones, are pretty complex and take dedicated skill and knowhow to efficiently transfer, test, monitor + manage. If you’re not confident to do this yourself, no worries, we can take care of this for you at no extra charge*. We’ll even take fresh backups, apply all necessary WordPress Core and Plugin updates and install our preferred WordPress Security Firewall protection to ensure your site is safe and sound right from the get go. And, it’s all included in your first year of FMWP with Web-Sta.

We can even arrange to setup your new domain dedicated professional email hosting + management with G Suite for a small fee.

So, what are waiting for? Place the existence, security + functionality in hands hundreds of Clients already trust, so you can have peace of mind + do what you do best for your Prospects + Clients.

* Applies to Standard WordPress Website installs and receipt of necessary Domain and Hosting credentials for required access.

Not sure if your website is WordPress or your site is being Fully Managed?

Simply Contact Us today and we can put you in the know.