3 Reasons To Go Local with Your Web Design

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Sunshine Coast / Brisbane web designer, Karen Ahl,
discusses why going local is better

Here, we look at 3 reasons why selecting a local Australian / Brisbane web designer is better for your business, including:

  1. Being able to meet your new web designer face-to-face
  2. Get the customised web design solutions for your business
  3. Benefit from the local SEO knowledge that only a local web designer would have

The Internet allows many of us, to now work online from anywhere in the world and allows you to search further afield. You’re no longer restricted to just dealing with the local computer guy down the road who dabbles in websites for your web design requirements. Between web designs, domain name providers and hosting companies, it seems like the options are endless and can be totally overwhelming and confusing.

At the end of the day, while you’re on the hunt for a decent web designer, the key question is…

“Which Web Designer Will Lead
To The Greatest Outcome For Your Business?”

Local vs Overseas Web Designers 

When it comes to finding a web designer there are already 1000s of web design companies including dozens of Sunshine Coast and Brisbane web design packages to choose from. Then, include all of those web designers who work remotely, from overseas or interstate. It can be difficult to determine who you’re dealing with.

While you can certainly choose a web designer in a different postcode, state, or even country we firmly believe someone local, who you can meet face-to-face, is a much better choice! Here’s our 3 reasons why.

#1 | Meet Your Local Web Designer Face-to-Face

While technology has improved many areas of business, including increased efficiency and productivity, it has meant in-person meetings are becoming more and more redundant. Besides a reduction in the personalised nature of many business transactions, this has lead to a rise in web designers opting to just deal via “Email Only”.

“If a web designer claims they prefer to deal with you via ‘Email Only’, and don’t agree to meet face-2-face, even on video, this should ring warning bells. It’s so easy to pose as a local business, let alone a big credible agency when in actual fact, you could be dealing with some kid working from their bedroom or an overseas company pretending they are based in Australia. While neither of these scenarios might worry you, stories of web designers going rouge should, and knowing where they are located helps mitigate your risks of being stung.”

~ Karen Ahl
Web-Sta Founder

We believe that every sale starts and ends with a human. Honoring this is the best way to build, what we hope, becomes a long-term relationship. Feeling comfortable with whom your about to create your website through is a big deal and should be treated as a decision as important of selecting the right Accountant or Lawyer.

Local Brisbane web designer

#2 | Customised Web Design Solutions

Trust us when we say, a generic website didn’t do anyone any favours!

You want your web designer to customise a solution that resonates with your target audience. This takes local knowledge and marketing know-how. This is how a web designer truly helps you convert quality leads into quality paying customers.

Here’s a few things you want your web designer to demonstrate and deliver on…

  1. Pro-written, informative and to-the-point website content that’s optimised using well-researched keyword search phrases,
  2. Visually captivating web designs with quality pro-imagery; and
  3. a Call-2-Action that will appeal to your unique, local target audience

…then you can be sure your website will be on track to do what it’s meant to do – that is, appealing directly to prospects!

In fact, having a tailor-designed website, that uniquely speaks to your local audience, is one of the most critical factors when it comes to driving local traffic to your website. It also will play a huge role in your websites ability to convert prospective customers.

As we mentioned above, this is why we feel it’s important to work with a local team who understands the local and surrounding areas and what it takes to market to them.

#3 | Local SEO Knowledge

Further to our first 2 points, no one is going to understand local business quite like another local business! This is more so important when it comes to local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or local search.

Aside from having a better understanding of your local target audience, which allows more customised design outcomes – working with a local whos understands your physical location is vital. Simply knowing what suburbs make up your local area and the ones you service means your website can rank for what it needs to. If you’re dealing with a web designer who is not familiar with your local area, you risk your website ranking for suburbs and regions you’re unable to service.

Example: we acquired a customer who’s website ranked for Sunshine Coast related searches when they didn’t leave the Brisbane area. The website wording and Google-ranking strategy had to be refocused to only include the Brisbane area and Brisbane’s local suburbs.

A local web designer will understand this ensuring your website seen and heard by the right people.

The Takeaway

All things considered, when it comes to choosing a local web designer is optimally positioned to:

  1. Best understand your needs by working with you directly 
  2. Deliver a web design service customised to the local area; and 
  3. Understand your business position in relation to the local market

At Web-Sta, we focus on providing web design + eMarketing for local businesses from Brisbane through to the Sunshine Coast. This means our proposal can be conducted in person. Despite the stereotypical ‘geek’ persona, often associated with web design, we actually love physically meeting our clients if possible. It really offers you a sense of who we are and offers peace of mind that we’re the right fit for each other!

For Local Web Designer that Understands Your Business