How Can Video Marketing Grow My Local Business?

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Did you know that websites with video are 50 times more likely to be ranked? It’s no wonder more and more businesses are looking to increase sales through video marketing in 2019 – 2020.

According to researchers, the Top 3 Video Marketing Ideas You Need to Implement Now to Grow Your Business are:

  • Animated Videos 
  • Vlogs (Video Blogging)
  • Customer Testimonials or Project / Product Showcases

There are good reasons to invest marketing dollars in video. Here’s why: 

  • Video is a personable, fun medium | encouraging client engagement
  • Video marketing takes advantage of human biology | our brains are hardwired to pay attention to movement 
  • Video marketing can convey a large amount of information | within minutes, even seconds
  • Video marketing is affordable | both to make and to distribute


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What Are the Benefits of Animated Videos?

Animated videos are short marketing videos [ideally shorter than 60 seconds] that explains a business’s product or service. They are highly effective, with 85% of people saying they are more likely to buy once they see an accompanying video.

Animated video marketing takes this to a new level. Animated videos are the most popular type of explainer video because:

  • Animated videos can easily convey complex information | including concepts that would be difficult to get across using actors 
  • Animated videos are affordable | there’s no need for paid actors, sets, props, lighting or microphones 
  • The creative process can be out-sourced | meaning you can get back to business

How Can Vlogs Increase Sales?

Vlogs are essentially blogs in video form and are a great tool to increase customer engagement, particularly via social media. A Vlog often has a ‘webcam diary’ or ‘amateur documentary’ feel. Its key purpose is to demonstrate to potential customers that your business is not some cold faceless enterprise, but is made up of real people.

The benefits of using Vlogs as part of your video marketing strategy are: 

  • Vlogs can be produced affordably | you only really need a smartphone 
  • Vlogs can help make your brand relatable | with the right face/s on camera

Camera Shy? Animated videos are the perfect Vlog alternative. Imagine a cartoon version of you. You avoid the blooper reel and have a pitch-perfect “Digital You representing your business 24/7.

Why Customer Testimonial Videos are So Effective 

Customer testimonials, showcasing a product or service, are also a highly effective way of growing your business. This type of video marketing strategy helps established businesses build credibility.


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Now, if your customers are camera shy too, a cartoon version of them, with their logo can be captured with a male or female voice over to match.