Turning Your Website Into A Sales Funnel

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At its most basic, the main reason why many business owners invest in a website is to attract sales. However, beyond capturing the occasional enquiry, many small business websites don’t evolve nor contribute much else to the bottom line. They’re just left, sitting there, with out of date information, expired offerings, dated photos and no real inspiration for prospects to reach out to you. And don’t get me started on what happens to your Google ranking when you take your eyes off your SEO.

The most powerful and effective websites become part of a much larger process designed to educate, spark interest, offer solutions, sell and hopefully, build a long-term business-to-customer relationship with the people you want to be doing business with.

The 6 Stages In A Sales Funnel - Sales Force

Source: Sales Force

What Is A Sales Funnel?

“A sales funnel helps marketers understand a customer’s purchasing journey, while also identifying what stage of this journey the customer is at. These insights can be used to decide which marketing channels and activities will best guide the customer towards a purchase. A sales funnel also allows marketers to tailor and optimise their activities and messaging to increase conversions.” – Sales Force

The whole idea is to take your customers on a journey, from a lukewarm prospect to a “money-in-the-bank” customer. And your website can play a major role in this process.

3 Fundamentals To Ensure Your Website Works For You

  1. It needs to rank | In the early days, you need to rank for at least your business name plus your main industry/offering, along with the main suburb you’re located in. This gets you in front of those already searching for what it is you do in your local area. Consistent attention paid to your Google ranking and the SEO activities that influence it are what will grow your reach.
  2. Target Audience Appeal | Remember, you’re not selling to everyone! Just a small segment of the population with their own unique demographics, likes, dislikes, issues and motivations. There’s an even bigger part of the population that you don’t want to sell to. Your website only needs to appeal to those who fit your ideal customer profile through the right combination of visuals, text, colours and layout. Here’s an article we wrote called “Websites With WOW Factor” which is about design and the importance of familiarity.
  3. Clear Calls To Action | Once the right prospect lands on your website, they need to know where to go next. Using headings, buttons and other design elements, you can instruct your prospects to; Call now, contact us, order here, register, request a callback, read more, or learn more – these are all simple Calls To Action, that instruct your prospect about the next step you’d like them to take so that you can help them. 

Get these elements right and your website is primed to become a powerful part of your Sales Funnel Strategy👍

5 Sales-Funnel Enhancements For Your Website

Here are 5 enhancements that supercharge your online sales (and save you time) along with some of our existing clients who are already leveraging them. 

  1. Auto quoting | Briz Woodfired Pizza on their Contact page
  2. Booking Calendar | ACE Bins on their Book A Bin page
  3. Online shop | TWIGS Toy Boutique
  4. Payment gateway / online payments | Flatpak Connexion under the Customer Service > Make A Payment tab
  5. Flyer / Catalogue | Tilta Trailers have a downloadable flyer in exchange for a prospect’s name and email address

Other sales-funnel add-ons include order forms, newsletter subscription forms and free downloadables (also known as Lead Magnets). Depending on your industry, your website might benefit from one or a combination of several of these add-ons – all part of a greater Sales Funnel Strategy, leading back to your business.

Ready To Create A Sales Funnel That Really Works?

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