The Only Time People Pleasing Is Good

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People first! Google Second!

Since Google announced their latest major algorithm update, one thing is clear… your website needs to be “For The User” first and foremost. People first! Google Second!

The old keyword stuffed, non-mobile-responsive websites with duplicated suburb pages and dodgy online directory links are fast dropping like rocks in the ranks vs their technically superior, people-pleasing counterparts.

While we’ve always approached every client website with the end-user in mind, as web designers and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) providers, we can’t get away with the same “tricks’ Google once rewarded us for over 10-15 years ago.

  • No more hiding white text on a white background
  • No more cramming in a big list of keywords
  • No more page swapping to try trick the search engines

Replacing the SEO Tricks With SEO Ticks

We need to play a more strategic game these days; ticking all of the technical boxes like meta data, schema, alt image tags and content while not being seen to manipulate any of it to trick Google into ranking your website over someone else’s. Google is not only choosy, Google is like a forensic detective – picking up on anything that’s now considered as Black Hat SEO.

Put Your Prospects First With Quality SEO

SEO is an interesting game! We play it often.
Every month, on behalf of our pool of savvy SEO customers we make adjustments to all of the above-mentioned technical stuff (and more) to keep ahead of Google’s ongoing changes.

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