Standing Out with Email Marketing

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By Building Familiarity + Credibility

Now before you start saying, “I don’t want to annoy my customers”, I call Bull Shizzle!

“Maintaining a regular e-mail contact with your customers helps to builds familiarity and credibility for your business”. – ActiveCampaign
Believe me, not everyone will see ALL of your content. The average open rate on email marketing across all industries is 21.33% according to Mailchimp. We have clients with open rates of 30-40% average open rates. Even here at Web-Sta, our open rates hover between 32% and 40% representing 100+ customers and prospects. And we send our newsletter weekly!
“…particularly important in times of economic stress because people tend to be more careful about who they spend their money with. When you have an established presence in your customers’ minds, they will feel more comfortable making expenditures on your products or services because they will see you as a consistent and reliable vendor.” – ActiveCampaign

So, unless you are sending multiple, repetitive, promo-style emails every day, then you’re very unlikely to annoy your customers. Those who are no longer interested in receiving your updates will unsubscribe, or just not open the emails. Those who are interested become raving fans and advocates for your business.

Don’t Fear Unsubscribes

If you never send an e-newsletter then you’ll never face the disappointment when someone unsubscribes. And, you’ll have a bloated list of useless contacts. 

Imagine your business is for sale and your customer database is part of that transaction. The value of your mailing list can serve as a very juicy lure for that prospective buyer, as they already know they can attract sales by targeting your existing customers. What do you think is worth more… a list of 1,000 people that you’ve emailed a couple of times throughout the year and are not particularly engaged vs a list of 100 high-quality engaged and adoring devotees that you communicate with weekly or monthly.

This is why I don’t fear anyone unsubscribing. If you have someone who’s not interested in your content or they do not find value in it, then they’re not a match. You’re better off not having them on your mailing list, messing with its reputation, diminishing its effectiveness – and therefore its value.

This is another reason why using a proficient email marketing software platform is incredibly valuable. It automatically records and manages unsubscribers, saving you the hassle of trying to keep a spreadsheet up to date. The last thing you want is to send emails to contacts who have already said no to receiving your communications.

My Top Three Email Marketing Platforms

  1. Mailchimp – Free for up to 500 subscribers and a great starting point
  2. ActiveCampaign – Blending email marketing, sales pipeline, tracking and automation
  3. Tekmatix – The newest player in the field combining 21 essential business tech tools into one powerful platform

Email Marketing Ideas 

“That’s great, Karen….but what the heck do I put IN my newsletter?”, I hear you say. 

 Regardless of your industry and your audience, there’s so much you can offer!

  • Product releases, updates, reviews or case studies
  • Service list reminders, price list updates
  • New opening hours or appointment reminders
  • New vehicles, signage, new uniforms, new branding announcements
  • Client testimonials / success stories
  • Special offers, last minute bargains or package deals
  • Seasonal service reminders or maintenance tips
  • Industry news and articles
  • Business awards, new qualifications or welcome a new team member

Over the course of one year, if you sent out an email only once per month, that’s only 12 topics to come up … AND you can always loop back on topics.

This equals 12 x Opportunities to connect with your audience!
That’s 12 x Opportunities to share who you are, what you do and how good you are at it.

Encourage Subscribers

You can grow your mailing list through adding a subscribe form to your website and promoting this through your social media posts, your invoices and even your email signature.

Through your social media, you can also recycle elements of your newsletter content to demonstrate the benefits / value one can expect if they subscribed. If they resonate with your social media content, there’s a good chance they’ll also resonate with your newsletter.

Stand Out With Email Marketing Summary

When it comes to standing out with email marketing, here’s a few quick tips;

  1. Provide value in every newsletter – Be helpful, inspiring or entertain
  2. Be consistent – Your audience will learn to expect and look forward to your next newsletter
  3. Play with subject lines – What words and phrases peak more interest and therefore increase open rates
  4. Use proper email marketing software like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign and newcomer Tekmatix.

It takes a little practice and patience, and If you focus on what you feel your audience would like and need to know, then you’re well on your way.

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