Stuck for What to Post? Here’s My Social Media Ideas Calendar

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It’s no secret that Social Media Marketing requires consistency, commitment and connection to be effective. Depending on your target audience and overall marketing objectives, the right social media strategy can prove extremely profitable.

On the flip side, the challenge is knowing what to post and when. As though business ownership isn’t overwhelming enough right?! So let’s help you get unstuck shall we?!

Social Media Post Ideas – FREE Download

During a recent Marketing Webinar, I covered some simple Facebook post ideas. Due to popular demand, I turned this information into an easy to follow, printable social media calendar, full of ideas and focused on a typical Monday to Friday business.

Download and use these prompts for Facebook, LinkedIn and even Instagram to grow your following and encourage prospects to engage with you and your website.

One Week of Social Media Post Ideas – Monday to Friday

Here’s my first week or social media content ideas to get you started.

MONDAY  |  Get Motivational.
Share your favourite quote or inspirational image. This can be in the form of just wording, an image with a background photo or even a YouTube Video. While ideally you would create your own, these don’t even have to be your words. Businesses can share the words (and videos) of others, as long as it’s aligned with how you want your audience to view your business.

TUESDAY  |  Review Time.

Share a happy customer review. Just having a review display on your Google map listing or on some directory website can be further leveraged by sharing on your social media channels. Simply copying and pasting, or capturing a screenshot of your review as an image is a quick and easy way to get this done.

WEDNESDAY  |  Demo Time.

Share a short video or photo series demoing how your offering works. Using photos or video is a great way of offering a visual of your process and is more comprehensive than just a before and after. With video, depending on what you offer, you can opt to either include or exclude a verbal explanation. Also, there is no need for this to be a professionally produced photo or video shoot! Social media audiences are very accepting of ‘raw and real’ footage vs blatant salesy and promotional material.

THURSDAY  |  Celebrate.

Share a recent ‘WIN’ in your business. You have the choice of focused on your customers or yourself here. For example, a recent customer success story or a case study are great ways to gain authority based on work you’ve already performed. Sharing something like you completing a course, becoming a member of a new organisation, sponsoring a charity or wining an award are also great examples of building credibility by letting your audience in ‘behind the curtain’ and helping them feel like they know you.

FRIDAY  |  Be Nice.

Wish your audience a happy weekend. Include a ‘Happy weekend’ image or even a video if you’re feeling extra nice. While this kind of post is a bit cliché these days, it’s also a non-salesy post demonstrating to your audience that you’re not just about the ‘sell’. Get creative to ensure your “Happy Weekend” stands out amongst all others 😉

Happy Marketing!

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