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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”p” question-0=”Why has Content Marketing become such a buzz phrase?” answer-0=”When a Google search is carried out, Google’s ranking algorithms use content (words, images, video), amongst other things, to assess the relevance of each website that relates to the search. Websites that best match are rewarded with a higher ranking.” image-0=”” headline-1=”p” question-1=”How can we leverage Google’s love of quality content?” answer-1=”By ensuring our websites provide a decent amount of good quality, well-written content as well as a mix of images and video content.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”false” css_class=””]

To grow your business you need to grow and promote your website. In 2020, Content Marketing leads the way in what effectively impacts a website’s performance, particularly with Google. Content Marketing focuses on adding a lot of quality content to your website in the form of Pages, Posts, and Reviews with both your audience and Google in mind.

In this blog we’ll take a look at why Content Marketing is creating such a buzz in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) sector, covering:

  • The Proof is in the Rankings 
  • Why Does Google Love Content Creation?
  • How to Create Content Google Will Love

The Proof is in the Rankings 

A quality content marketing strategy can pay big dividends for your business’s Google rankings. Not convinced? Here’s a few stats to get you to seriously start considering Content: 

  • 72% of marketers say content creation is the most effective SEO tactic* – remember: content includes texts, images and videos.
  • “Studies show that longer content dominates page one of search rankings,” say the marketing gurus at Sweor.*** Indeed the average word count of the top positioned Google article is 2,416 words.** For a long time the mantra was “less is more” but now, Google wants more.
  • Companies with active blogs have 434% more indexed pages than competitors* – the reason for this comes down to basic maths: the more blogs you have, the more opportunities to target popular key search phrases relating to your business. More articles also means more opportunities to link to other pages on your site as well as to quality external sites – another powerful way to boost rankings.

Why Does Google Love Big Sites with Big Content?

The simple answer is this: when you have engaging content on your site, users will take their time to read it, and, if you have a lit with a lot of good quality content, their likely stay on your site even longer. Since Google is all about presenting the most accurate and helpful websites, according to a search query, when users spend significant time on your site, the outcome is that Google loves you. Google assumes that if previous users like your content, then others will also.

Taking content to the next level, short and easy to understand videos aim as complementary content to images and text. Video content increases engagement and therefore Google loves short videos too. So when you think content, think text, images and video for a well rounded content marketing strategy.

Video and Content Marketing Brisbane

How to Create Content Google Will Love

Content marketing is about a lot more than just uploading your latest brain dump or blurry staff or work photos to your website, then sitting back and waiting for the work to flood in. An effective content marketing strategy requires regular and consistent content being distributed over time. To grow your business you’ll need to focus on content that is: 

  • Fresh – if you have older information which is still useful, update it and re-present it to meet 2020 mobile responsive standards
  • Relevant – Google will penalise you for attempting to rank for key search phrases which don’t correlate with your core business offerings 
  • Easy-to-read – there are plenty of tools to help you create easy to digest content that still wins favour with the reader and Google
  • Targeted at key search phrases – good content marketers devote significant time to refining their key search phrase strategies. If you’re looking for strong search terms to help your site rank, it’s worthwhile contacting a professional about blogging and copywriting.

It can also pay to do some research so that you understand how to efficiently undertake a content marketing strategy the speed the entire process up and avoid making mistakes.

In Summary

Google loves fresh, relevant and engaging content, because that’s what users are attracted to. The same applies to your social media content. Invest in good quality content marketing strategy to encourage more traffic to your site and ensure maximum engagement, all focused on generating a high rate of conversions / sales.




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