Website Automations Saves Time + Money

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Take your business to the next level with automated online bookings and / or turn it into an shopping cart website. We look at how you can save time and make money by having your web designer build and include features such as an online booking system or cart.

  • How Automation Can Benefit Your Business
  • The Rise of Online Shopping
  • Your Website | Let’s Talk About Shopping Carts & Online Booking 

How Automation Can Benefit Your Business

When it comes to the costs of running a business, most business owners will say the same thing – the cost of labour is the biggest expense. Any job that involves manual activity means that someone is carrying out the activity of work, and being paid for their time, whether it’s you (the business owner) or an employee.

Aside from the cost of wages, a downside of this is that business activity is limited to staffed operational hours, meaning that purchases and bookings can only be made when there is someone to carry out the activity. Unlike automated shopping carts and online booking systems, which work for you around the clock!

The Benefits of Automation

When you choose to purchase and set up an automation, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits, including:

    • It works for you 24/7
    • No ongoing labour costs
    • Unlike a person, it can process multiple activity requests simultaneously AND be accurate each and every time
    • The cost is only purchase & maintenance; and
    • More time to focus your energy where it’s most beneficial – providing your products and services.

How Automation Can Help to Increase Sales Conversions

Simply put, automated features such as online shopping carts make it easier for your customers to buy now. It enables them to make in-the-moment purchasing decisions while they are interested, engaged, and invested. Otherwise, if they need to wait to buy, you risk customers losing interest, or choosing to go with another brand that is more convenient or accessible to them.

Online booking website designers + Shopping cart builders Brisbane

The Rise of Online Shopping  

Shopping as we have traditionally known it is changing, thanks to the internet and cheaper shipping costs. With our increasingly busy lives and schedules, many people are choosing to buy online for a number of reasons, including:

  • Convenience
  • Faster shopping
  • Flexibility – shop anytime, anywhere

“More than 73% of Australian households shopped online in 2018”

~ Australian Post 

In today’s world, online shopping is becoming the norm – consumers expect it. This means that businesses who don’t include online shopping capabilities on their websites are likely to be left behind and miss out on sales opportunities.

Your Website | Let’s Talk About Shopping Carts & Online Booking Systems

Two key automations to think about adding to your website are shopping carts and online booking systems. Here’s are some of the key reasons why: 

Shopping Carts

    • Increased Sales Conversions | allow customers to buy instantly, in the moment when they are most enthusiastic about a purchase.
    • Convenience | offers a 24/7 marketplace for your customers to shop in. 
    • Capacity | a shopping cart can effortlessly process a number of transactions at the same time.
    • Secure Payment | essential for your customers to enjoy peace of mind when conducting online transactions. 

Online Booking

    • 24/7 Bookings | customers can book at any time that’s convenient to them, rather than having to wait for available business opening hours.
    • Save Money | by having a booking system on your own website vs. a third party website that you pay to take bookings on your behalf.
    • Saves Time | automated bookings mean less time spent on routine administration, and more time to dedicate on more complex activities.
CLIENT SHOWCASE // Zen Den Floathouse & Cafe

Zen Den Floathouse

As a brand new business, Brad and Bec at Zen Den Floathouse wanted to be as efficient as possible from the very get go. That’s why they chose to boost their website with the WordPress WooCommerce shopping cart, which includes an integrated appointment booking system, and online payments. Their customers can enjoy an effortless and instant booking process and online shopping, all automated to save Zen Den Floathouse time and money! 


Solar 2 Camp

With automated online payments, shipping calculations, and integrated PayPal and AfterPay features, Solar 2 Camp’s WooCommerce shopping cart makes online shopping easy for their customers. By giving customers all product information in the online shop, and offering a quick, convenient payment methods, Solar 2 Camp encourage their customers to buy now – instead of having to wait to purchase, which poses the risk of customers losing interest or choosing to buy a competitor’s products!

In Summary

Automated features enable website design that lets you work smarter, not harder! With automation, you can reduce business costs, while increasing your capabilities and improving customer experience.

Last but not least, a successful and competitive business moves with the times. It’s vital to keep up with consumer trends, and there’s no doubt about it – online shopping is here to stay!