How to Share a YouTube Video on LinkedIn

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Video Sharing on LinkedIn Business and Personal Accounts

In this video, I cover how to share any YouTube video to your LinkedIn business page and also your personal profile on LinkedIn.

Video Transcription


1. What I’ve done here, is I’ve started with three tabs. I’m already logged into my business LinkedIn page, and ready to start a new post just down here.

2. I have already scripted out some wording to go with the video, in the post itself. I have also come up with some hashtags that are relevant to what it is I’m about to post, as well. I’ll mention why these are important in a moment.

3. I also have gone to the actual YouTube video that I want to share. This particular video is a client of ours. We’ve just finished off this animated explainer video for ECOCUT Concrete Cutting. What we wanna do is promote this on our LinkedIn channel.


Share Just Your YouTube Video Link

What we wanna do is come across to the video itself, and we wanna click on share. This gives us a nice tidy little link that we’re gonna copy, and we’re gonna come across and start post and paste it straight into here. If you just wanted to share the video and leave it at that, that’s all you would need to do. You would scroll down and you would click on post, and then, voila, your video is now on LinkedIn.

Give Your Video Content Context

If you wanna go a little bit further and give this video a bit of context as to why you’re sharing it, then please do go ahead and put a little bit of extra information in with it. I’m just gonna copy and paste what I have here. You just test and measure to see what type of wording and style works for you. As you can see, the little emojis and ticks have come across from that document that I’ve just pasted. I have used just a save… Trying to edit in here and accidentally posting before I finish writing this, and been given it is a bit of a longer post, I have actually already composed this in a Google Drive document. You can do this in Microsoft Word if you wish. Come across, and I can just double check to make sure everything is all good, I’ve got all the details here. # Hashtags # You can see here, the hashtags have been bolded. What LinkedIn does, it actually gives us suggestions for hashtags, if you wanna keep adding these. You just wanna make sure you click your cursor where you would like this to go. If I wanna add that, it’ll add it to where I’ve just had that cursor. In this instance, I’m not gonna do that one for the time being. I’m just gonna leave these ones here. I’ve got the YouTube link at the bottom of this post.

Share it

It’s already got that initial image, and it’s got the title of the YouTube video. That’s pretty much all I need to do. All I’m gonna do is scroll down here a bit, and I’m gonna click on post. There we are. Attributed to this business page, it has put this video on there, and you get a little notification over the side here to let you know that that has been published.

Share it Further

If you wanna promote this a little bit further, you can share this onto your personal profile. Normally, you would have your personal profile photo at the top here. What we can do here is come across to home, this will take you to your feed. If I click on recent, and just refresh this… Because I’ve only just posted that video, generally it’ll be one of the top few. It’s easy enough for you to locate that. Now that I’ve switched across, to my personal profile, I can now share this. Unfortunately, when you’re in, logged in, as your business profile, it doesn’t give you the option to share it, so you need to do that when your logged in as your individual profile. You can share any person’s LinkedIn post by doing this exact same method. Just click on share. You wanna go share in post. It’s up to you whether or not you wanna write anything further here. Otherwise, it’s just gonna go straight to this video. Given the fact that I’ve shared this on our business page and it’s me, and that that’s also in my bio here, I’m happy not to write anything further. Then I’m going to click on post. Now when that refreshes, there’s actually… This video has been shared onto my personal profile and also appears on our business page as well. That’s it.

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