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Sunshine Coast SEO Local Organic Content

When you need a plumber to fix a blocked drain, how do you find the right business to contact? Do you…

  • Walk down the road hoping to find one?
  • Ask your neighbour and hope they’re helpful?
  • Google search ‘plumber near me’ and call the business that looks the most reliable and affordable?

We can almost guarantee that you’d choose the last option, and that’s why local SEO in Sunshine Coast web design is so important for businesses that serve a particular area.

The way we use search engines and the evolution of Google algorithms has become increasingly localised. To attract more customers and boost potential revenue, businesses must be leveraging their local SEO efforts.
To help you understand why local SEO matters, we’ll be talking about:

  1. Location-Optimised Websites
  2. Mobile Searches 
  3. Organic Content

With the help of an agency that specialises in SEO marketing for Sunshine Coast business owners, you can make sure your business dominates those rankings for localised searches.

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3 Reasons Why Local SEO Gets Results for Businesses

1.   Location-Optimised Websites Get Priority

The way customers use search engines has changed dramatically over time. Google’s algorithms have evolved to better cater to what users need – so, to get results, the tactics used to leverage local SEO by Sunshine Coast businesses have to keep up!

The truth is, ‘where to buy’ + ‘near me’ search queries have grown by over 200% in the past two years. When you stop to think about it, this makes perfect sense.

With the emergence of clever smartphones and cleverer search engine technology, someone who’s suddenly run out of hot water can just ask Google where their nearest plumber is. They’ll scan over the first page, then call the business that seems the most capable and affordable.

Thanks to Google’s Pigeon algorithm update, the search engine can better prioritise location when scanning for the best results – presenting users with content from nearby businesses.

This means that businesses on the Sunshine Coast must prioritise local SEO to maximise their online visibility. With the help of a web design agency that offers an SEO service, Sunshine Coast business owners can reap the benefits of strategic content for a local audience.

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Here are some ways an SEO professional in Sunshine Coast can help you out:

  • Claim your Google My Business profile

GMB listings are always prioritised for local searches, showing users nearby businesses that offer the services they’re looking for.

To look impressive and professional to potential customers, your GMB profile should include your contact number, opening hours, address, website, photos of your premises, and reviews from customers.

  • Aim to rank for local search queries

If your web design agency offers professional website copywriting, they’ll help you incorporate an on-page SEO strategy that leverages local searches to boost your search engine ranking.

If you’re a plumber on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll probably find localised phrases such as ‘plumber Sunshine Coast’ ‘blocked drain Sunshine Coast’ and ‘gasfitter near me’ get a lot of traffic. Your copywriter will write engaging web content and blog articles that boost your Sunshine Coast SEO.

  • Seek reviews and testimonials

88% of customers are influenced by online reviews in their purchasing decisions, and featuring testimonials on your website and GMB profile will boost your local searches. As they scan through featured business listings, customers are bound to choose the business with five stars over businesses without a rating.

With the help of a web design agency offering SEO marketing on the Sunshine Coast, your business can collect reviews and testimonials from customers to make your online profile look impressive.

Are you a local business needing a full-scale web design service? At Web-Sta, we know how to help small businesses dominate local searches with professional SEO marketing in Sunshine Coast. Get in touch or browse our website to see how we can support your local business.

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2.   Local Searches Come From Mobile

To successfully implement local SEO, Sunshine Coast businesses must have a mobile-optimised website.

Smartphones now dominate all online searches, and 30% of mobile searches are related to location. This makes sense when you think about how often we use our smartphones to find directions to local businesses on-the-go.

Local SEO is useful for nearby customers, but also a major moneymaker for local businesses.

Over three-quarters of people who search on their smartphones for a service nearby will visit a business within a day. That’s a guaranteed return on investment for business owners who work with agencies offering SEO marketing on the Sunshine Coast.

But your business will only be able to cash-in on these searches if your website is optimised for mobile.

Outdated websites are almost impossible for people to navigate on their smartphone, and potential customers will click away and go with a competitor if they find your site too difficult to use.

If your website isn’t mobile-optimised, it doesn’t just look unprofessional to potential customers – it’ll actually be penalised by Google and fail to meet standard requirements for SEO on the Sunshine Coast.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

With the help of a web design agency offering SEO services, your business’s website will be optimised for mobile with the following strategies:

  • Using a responsive WordPress theme

Your website’s design should look impressive on all screens, not just a desktop. Your WordPress web designer will work with a theme that can adapt to offer potential customers a seamless experience on any device.

This means choosing the right colours and fonts, positioning links appropriately, and formatting content to be readable on even the smallest iPhone screen.

  • Ensuring a reliable web hosting service

Your hosting service plays a vital part in your Sunshine Coast SEO strategy because low-quality website hosting makes your site too slow and insecure for mobile users.

If you choose a professional and experienced web design agency like Web-Sta, your website hosting will be maintained and optimised for you – so you’ll have peace of mind that your site is fully responsive. 

  • Boosting page load speed

The speed of your website is critical for your on-page SEO. Google is getting better at indexing sites that are too bulky and complex for smartphone users, so a professional web designer needs to make sure your website has ultrafast loading speed.

Ask your web designer about their best practices for fast websites, and check their portfolio to check the speed of websites they’ve designed for previous clients.

3.   Customers Want Organic Content

When you use a search engine, the first page of results will generally contain a combination of organic content and paid advertisements. If they’ve got the budget for it, businesses can pay to be listed right at the top of the SERPs for certain phrases.

While this sounds like a major hack for local SEO on the Sunshine Coast, paid ads aren’t always effective. Over the years, paid ads have become ‘spammy’ and irritating, and users are increasingly opting for organic links to websites and blogs because they are more relevant and trustworthy.

Today, 70% of clicks in Google search results go to organic content. With the help of a professional web design and SEO business, business owners can dramatically boost their organic rankings with content that’s still optimised for local SEO.

Sunshine Coast SEO Local Organic Content

Aside from the on-page SEO that your website copywriter will weave into your web content, your business’s blog is another powerful way to boost local SEO efforts. With the help of your web design agency that specialises in local SEO, you can come up with blog topics that target local searches about your services.

Posting informative blogs that target localised search queries about your services helps you achieve the following things for your business:

  • Educate your audience about your services

    Sometimes customers don’t realise they need your service until they learn about it. By offering free education and advice with a regular blog, customers are more likely to trust your company and turn to you when they’re ready to buy your product or service.
  • Establish your business as an industry authority

    By sharing valuable information about industry developments or the latest news related to your services, customers will immediately identify that your business is on-the-ball and knows what it’s talking about. 
  • Showcase your brand’s personality to customers

    Putting some spark into your blog content will keep readers engaged and build brand loyalty.

    Customers love to connect with their local businesses, so posting a regular blog with a balance of valuable information and community fun will keep your business front-of-mind. 

Create opportunities for customers to get in touch

Having thoughtful calls-to-action in your blogs that encourage local customers to get in touch is an essential part of your strategy for local SEO on the Sunshine Coast.

It doesn’t have to be a sales-y conversation, either. Sharing a blog on your business’s social media channels with captions such as ‘let us know what you think’ or ‘tell us your experience with [subject]’ will create a sense of community with your customers.

Your Business On The Map With Local SEO on the Sunshine Coast

Including local SEO in your overall web design strategy is critical for business owners on the Sunshine Coast. If you service a particular area, you want to make sure your business is visible and impressive to localised searches from nearby customers.

With the team at Web-Sta, your business gains the support from a professional web design agency that specialises in SEO marketing for Sunshine Coast. Get in touch with us today.

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