SEO Marketing

For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to be effective, it requires a significant amount of research and resources upfront. Our SEO marketing packages are on a subscription basis with 6 to 12 month terms and a strategic-focus to get your website ranking sooner – attracting and engaging your ideal target audience.

Building a Solid Foundation for SEO Success

2 Critical Factors every business owner needs to know before getting a website built

Every day millions of people go online to search for businesses just like yours – so how do you know you are taking the right steps to make sure your website will be found?

We’ve all done it — from searching for the perfect scone recipe, and making an online purchase, to identifying a trusted service provider, generally the first place we go to find what and who we need is Google.

So when you want your business’s website to rank as the solution for your target audience’s needs, you’ll want to do everything possible and available to be listed at the top of Google’s search results. This starts with a well built website!

Web-Sta SEO Marketing Packages

Tier 3

The Ripple Effect

Having an awesome website is one thing, but to create a ripple on the world-wide-web means getting experts to do the basics really well.

Tier 2
Make a Splash

Our expert team multiply their efforts and activities to make an internet splash and set you apart in this digital ocean.

Tier 1
Ride The Wave

Shout it out! Our “Ride the Wave” SEO + eMarketing package gets you seen by reaching out and letting folks know you’re here!

Google Ranking Factors

Here’s a link to 200 Google Ranking Factors that qualified web designers and builders know about, keep abreast of (the goal posts do change), understand, and factor in when building your site.

However, given we are all so time poor, we’ve extracted just 7 critical factors, along with a limited list of what needs to be considered for each:

  1. Keywords – density, tags, headings, descriptions, prominence, order
  2. Headings – type, wording, position, length
  3. Tagging – keywords, titles, descriptions, images
  4. Content – length, context, duplication, recency, magnitude, grammar, spelling, syndication, supplementary, readability, referencing, lists
  5. Images – optimisation, labelling
  6. Links – quality, number, type, direction, diversity
  7. Design – user friendly, computer and mobile device responsive, architecture, page linking

Click Through Rates (CTR)

Sunshine Coast to Brisbane SEO Marketing

Does it really matter where your website ranks?

While reports differ slightly, according to 
Smart Insights organic click-through-rates (CTRs) go something like:

  • Position 1 =  around 25-30%
  • Position 2  to 3 = 12%
  • Position 4 = 4%
  • Lower Positions like 9 to 10, and CTR falls to a paltry sub 2%