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As a business owner, SEO can be your most valuable ally in the online world; it can help you increase your customer base and revenue.

We live in a digital era where 22 million Australians actively use the internet; where people use Google to find a plumber, the closest gym, the best café in the area, and so on.

Over 31% of internet users discover new businesses using search engines; which means that over 7 million Australians are going to use Google to decide where to spend their money.

Now you might wonder how this information is going to help your business… the answer is SEO.

What Is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation; SEO is a series of actions that help websites to rank high on online search engines like Google.

Your website’s ranking is determined by algorithms that decide how valuable is your content. In a nutshell, SEO takes into consideration these algorithms and implements solutions to boost your business in the first positions on Google.

Being on top of Google searches creates enormous advantages. Let’s have a look at the 5 top benefits that SEO can provide to your business.


1. SEO Helps You Reach More People

SEO increases visibility and attracts visitors to your website. A high position on Google searches creates awareness about your business; whether people are ready to buy or just looking for information, they’ll be exposed to your brand. High exposure results in positive feelings towards your business.

When we use online search engines we rarely scroll till the end of the page; I’m sure you can rely on this. If you want to attract visitors, your website needs to be on the first Google page, and possibly in the top 3 positions. Data shows that almost 40% of people click on the first Google search result, 18.4% click on the second, and 10.1% click on the third.


2. SEO Provides Free Advertisement

Business owners get free advertisement when implement SEO on their websites. Creating valuable content might cost you time and money; but once your website achieves a high ranking on Google, you won’t have to sustain any ongoing costs. Your business will be advertised 24/7, free of charge, for months.

SEO can be more effective than traditional marketing channels and paid advertisement and provides an impressive Return on Investment (ROI). SEO reaches your potential clients while they are actually looking for you.

3. SEO increases Credibility

Websites that rank in the top positions of online search engines are considered trustworthy and reliable. Your business can reach those top positions by implementing SEO into your website. Once you are up there, customers will already see you as a high-quality, trustworthy business.

4. SEO Creates Competitive Advantage

Being in the top positions on Google Search will enable your business to reach more people than your competitors and be considered more professional and trustworthy than other businesses. 

You also need to consider that other businesses will try to take advantage of the benefits that SEO offers. For this reason, it is important to know how effectively implement SEO into your website. 

You should consider hiring SEO experts if you want to take full advantage of SEO solutions.


5. SEO Improves Local Searches

“Near me” searches are becoming extremely popular. We all use local searches to find shops, gyms, pubs near us.  What is very interesting for you and your business, is that 8 people out of 10 that use the “near me” search are going to make a purchase.

If you are thinking that SEO is also going to help you rank higher on the “near me” search… you are right. With the use of local SEO strategies, your business will be easily found by people in your area.

Bottom Line

SEO is becoming an essential tool to promote your business. Implementing SEO will:

Help you reach more people
Provides free advertisement 24/7
Increase your credibility
Create competitive advantage

By not implementing SEO into your website, you are likely to lose potential customers to competitors that are easily found on Google.

If you want to know how we can implement SEO into your website and which benefits can specifically provide to your business? Contact us, we are here for you.

Author - Francesco Piccardo

A third-year marketing student at the University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC), Francesco crafted this article for Web-Sta as part of a practical assessment piece for “Social Media: Content Curation and Creation.”

Given that Web-Sta Founder, Karen Ahl also graduated from UniSC over 15 years ago having done the similar marketing degree, it was special to see this opportunity come full circle.

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