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SEO Services

Search Engine Optmisation

Search Engine Services

From your web pages to Blog posts, quality website content helps your website’s Google rank better and is considered one of the best strategies to do so.

We now also offer social media post content PLUS email marketing campaign writing helping you reach your customers where they are right now.

*SEO [Search Engine Optimisation]

New website design Sunshine Coast, Brisbane - Queensland

“There are tons of different factors
that go into ranking well, but the biggest is high-quality content.”

~ David Sinick, pro blogger

Your dream website not only needs to look like a dream, it needs to read like one too. A sign of a quality website is one that performs well on Google and converts your website traffic into quality leads for your business, meaning, its SEO optimised and your audience loves it.

Our Copywriting team offer fully coordinated, clearly communicated and effectively delivered outcome that’s exactly what you want and need.

Copywriting For

Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Email Newsletters + more…

SEO Focused Website Wording

The saying “Content is King” has been around for a while. This is because Google rewards websites with good amounts of quality content, and ranking on Google is still one of our top priorities. Only an experienced SEO agency knows what it takes to carry out the extensive keyword research to ensure the best-possible search words and phrases are being targeted. And this is what we do!

Our professional content writers craft your Google-friendly website wording [Web Content] saving you time + stress, then we monitor your websites’ Google ranking once we’ve launched your new professionally designed website.

Content Marketing and SEO agency Sunshine Coast
Content marketing and SEO agency Sunshine Coast + Brisbane

So Why is Ranking Well So Important?

While the studies on Google rank position differ slightly, according to Smart Insights, organic search engine click-through-rates (CTRs) are estimated as follows:

  • Position 1 =  25-30% of all searches
  • Position 2  to 3 = 12%
  • Position 4 = ONLY 4%

From positions 5 and down, the share of clicks, or ‘search-dregs’, dwindles significantly.

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