Selling With Confidence – It All Starts With Belief

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From a recovering shy person, selling with confidence is not reserved for the bold and brave people among us. It just takes a little belief.

Most of us don’t go into business expecting we’ll need to become top sales gun or marketing guru. But, in reality in order to keep your business alive, you kind of need to. Specially now that most local business industries have more competitors, and therefore options for consumers to choose from. 

If you’re in business, you’re in the business of sales! No ifs, buts or maybes.

When it comes to local providers
, there’s almost endless choice between social media and Google. Coming across as confident will encourage confidence in your audience as they either choice to spend their money with you or not.
So how do we make it easier to sell with confidence? 
Lets talk the 3 Levels of Belief!
  1. Belief in Yourself (and Your Offering),
  2. Belief of Your Customer, and
  3. Belief in Your Results.

#1 – Belief in Yourself (and your offering)

Let’s start with the most difficult one. Believing in yourself.
Have you ever asked yourself questions like this?

Q. Am I the right person to be selling this?
Q. Do I have what it takes to sell it?

This is normal, however it’s stemming from a place of comparison and a lack of confidence. If you find yourself questioning your ability to pull this off, maybe focus on something a little easier… Belief in your offering.

Solve A Problem + Build Belief From There

Until you can believe that you ARE the right person (or at least feel more comfortable with the concept), lean more on your belief in your offering instead. Focusing more on the problem/s your offering helps solve can make the whole sales / advertising / marketing process  much less daunting. There’s nothing to take personal. You’re dealing with facts! The belief in yourself will evolve as you gain evidence that you do indeed, have what it takes (which basically boils down to – You know what you’re doing).
Think about it. Most people buy to relieve themselves from stress or to fix a problem. You hire a plumber to fix a burst water main, you buy new shoes to boost your confidence or go to the movies to relax and unwind.
In those moments when I personally don’t feel 100% confident, I know that by focusing on how my offering solves a problem (many in fact) for my prospect, I can do away with the nerves. It also helps me communicate these messages through my social media, newsletters, email communications and website content.

“Learning how to sell with confidence doesn’t mean that you feel 100% confident all the time – no one does. Rather, selling with confidence means immediately putting a customer at ease by talking to them with conviction and sincerity.” ~ Tony Robbins

#2 – Belief Of Your Customer

Now you might be a little further up the 3 levels of belief. You might already KNOW you’re really good at what you do or your product is AMAZNG. Heck, you might even expect people to falling over themselves to do business with you – you and what you’re offering is THAT good. That’s awesome! However… what if your customer does not believe in their OWN ability to benefit from your offering? What happens now?

Example: As a consumer, I’ve purchased several ‘amazing’ pieces of clothing and shoes, only to stuff them in the back of my cupboard for 6 months then give them away. Tags still intact. With each subsequent failed purchase and wasted dollar, I believe my snap-judgments about buying clothes less and less. I usually talk myself out of it because “Where would I actually wear that?”  and “I couldn’t pull that off anyway.”  For me to feel confident in buying a new outfit, I need to see models that represents me doing things I do so that I can visualise myself wearing (and feeling good) those new clothes.
Unless you can make your prospect visualise themselves actually benefiting from and using your offering, selling is always going to be difficult, particularly for higher priced items. 
Selling with Confidence using the 3 levels of belief

# 3 – Belief in Your results

You could have an unshakable belief in yourself and the quality of your offering…
You customers could also have 100% belief in themselves to benefit from your products, however… Results speak!

To REALLY ensure your customers are benefiting from what it is you’re selling, c
ollect reviews and track their results. If you’re not seeing decent, then revisit levels 1 and 2 to make sure you’re selling the right thing to the right people.

And if you are seeing results, ensure your publicising these. Share your top reviews, promote before and afters, put together case studies… there’s a myriad of ways to communicate belief in your offering 
throughout your advertising channels that will have you selling with confidence, conviction, sincerity and ease.
Selling with Confidence - You can sell well
You Can Change The Narrative – I CAN Sell!

The Wrap Up

Once you put together the belief in yourself and your offering with your customers’ belief in themselves and the belief in your results, you’re on a winner. You’ve completed the 3 Levels of Belief when it comes to selling with confidence.

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