Smart Phones + Smart Websites – Why We Need Responsive Web Design

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Gone are the days when websites were only accessible by a computer. As smartphones, laptops, tablets, TV’s and many other devices have developed the capability to surf the web, online traffic has diversified far beyond the humble desktop.

Because of this innovation, responsive web design is crucial for your business’s website.

But if you’re not a web developer, it’s difficult to understand what this concept means, and why it’s so important for your website to be successful.

To help business owners understand what responsive web design is all about, and why it should be a priority, we’ll be explaining:

  1. What responsive web design is
  2. How responsive web design can help your business
  3. How to prepare for responsive web design 

Do you want your business to succeed online? Find out more about this fundamental part of modern web design.

3 Things You Should Know About Responsive Web Design

1.   What Is Responsive Web Design?

Business owners who are looking to design a new website will have probably searched for the term ‘Brisbane responsive web design’, but what does it mean?

Responsive web design means a website can intuitively render its content and images to fit any size screen. If your business’s website is designed to be responsive, visitors and customers can effortlessly navigate your site on a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet – without having to scroll or zoom unnecessarily.

The priority of responsive web design for Brisbane businesses is creating a seamless experience for all users. This means that it takes as little effort as possible for people to read about your business – if it’s too hard to read, they’ll click away and choose a competitor’s site instead.

If you’ve ever found a website via your mobile or tablet that wasn’t designed responsively, you’ll understand the frustration and confusion of these four design failures:

example of a responsive website design Brisbane
Rinofin | A construction website constructed to ‘work’ on all devices

1.   Screen-width

If you come across an outdated website, the web page is too wide for your smartphone or tablet. This is because the website’s orientation is set to landscape and only suited to a desktop’s wider screen, so you have to pan across the screen to read the content.

2.   Content size

The content on non-optimised websites is set to just one font size, so it often appears too large or too small on a smartphone or tablet. This means visitors have to zoom in and out to get the information they need.

3.   Image resolution

Photos, images, and animations on outdated websites are too large for most visitors’ using their mobile device. This creates confusion as people try to scroll past the bloated images to find content or links.

4.   Link spacing

The classic problem of navigating an outdated website is that links are placed too close together, so you end up clicking the wrong link and getting lost in the site. Visitors must carefully zoom in before clicking on the correct link, which is infuriating!

Professional website developers create responsive web design using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), an HTML ‘language’ which helps the website adapt to meet the needs of visitors. With a responsive design, the website can intuitively adapt its elements based on the following properties of a visitor’s device:

  • Screen size
  • Resolution
  • Colour capability
  • Orientation

This means that visitors can effortlessly navigate through a website without unnecessary scrolling, zooming, panning, or cursing at the company with such poor web design!

2.   How Will Responsive Web Design Help Your Business?

Responsive web design should be a priority for any business looking to impress customers online. Today, we use an abundance of screens to surf the web, but the most online traffic comes from mobile.

If you own a business, making sure your website caters to every type of screen widens the accessibility of your platform, maximising the potential for website visitors to become paying customers.

Many business benefits arise from responsive web design for businesses that support you as a business owner, the customers who pay for your services, and the search engines that rank your website.

Responsive web design in Brisbane helps your business in the following ways:

More traffic from mobile

The development of smartphone technology and the ease of searching via mobile devices means that more people are locating, researching, and buying from businesses with their smartphone.

If you run a local business, the most common way for people to find you (especially on-the-go) is using either voice search or Googling on their mobile.

Making sure that you have a responsive web design makes it as easy as possible for mobile users to find your website, browse your services, and get in touch.

By making sure your designer is highly-skilled in Brisbane responsive web design, your business’s new website will be able to make the most of previously untapped revenue streams from customers on mobile.

If you don’t make responsive web design a priority, you’ll risk losing valuable customers and valuable opportunities to grow your business.

Improved customer experience

Because there’s so much choice online, customers don’t settle for unattractive or inaccessible web design.

A single bad experience, such as illegible font size or links that are too close together, makes users 88% less likely to visit your website again. If your website loses customers from the home page due to an outdated interface, the effort you’ve taken to write about your business and display your services is wasted – because visitors won’t bother clicking any further.

By eliminating the need for unnecessary scrolling, panning, or zooming in to design elements, responsive web design dramatically improves the user experience of your website.

If your online visitors find your business’s website easy to use, they’re far more likely to navigate through your pages, see why your business is a fantastic option, and get in touch.

Lower cost to build and maintain

Before responsive web design came about, many Brisbane companies realised the importance of catering to mobile customers and invested in two website designs – one for desktop, the other for mobile.

Although this solved the problem of inaccessible websites for mobile, businesses were paying twice as much for a web designer to create and maintain two different websites.

Plus, not all mobiles, smartphones, and tablets have the same screen resolutions, so the mobile-friendly design has become redundant with the development of more types of device capable of browsing online.

With responsive web design, you only need to invest in one professional website that caters to every kind of device. By investing in responsive web design, business owners are saving money while increasing their reach to more customers!

Boosted SEO efforts

Responsive web design isn’t just a requirement for optimal user experience, it’s a must-have for your website to be found on search engines. Google’s algorithms are smart enough to find and rank sites with the most responsive website design, so investing in responsive web design should be a baseline for any business looking to implement SEO tactics successfully.

Mobile Responsive Web Design Brisbane to Sunshine Coast

Here are a few ways that Brisbane responsive web design goes hand-in-hand with your SEO strategy:

  • Mobile-friendliness

    Google penalises non-mobile-responsive websites. Search engines want to present users with the best sites to match their query. If your business’s website isn’t responsive, it discriminates over half of all internet users – so Google won’t be ranking it any time soon!

  • Page speed

    By making your website effortlessly adaptable to any device, responsive web design optimises your website for page load speed. Faster websites are always ranked higher on search engines because mobile users must be able to access a site quickly.


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3.   How Can You Prepare For Responsive Web Design?

After reading about the importance of responsive web design, you might be wondering if your business’s current website is up to standard – or how to find the right web designer to help you out.

We’ve put together a simple checklist for business owners to assess their current site for responsive web design, and plan for their web design project:

  • Check your current website for responsive web design

If your business has a website already, try navigating it using a smartphone and a tablet. Does it offer the same experience on different devices? You can also use this helpful test from Google to see if your site is responsive.

  • Assess your current website’s content, images, and design features

When was the last time you took a good look at your website? Take some time to carefully read the content, review any images or animations, and the overall navigation experience. Make notes of what you think needs to be improved, what you’d like to get rid of, and anything you’d like to keep.

  • Browse competitor’s websites on your smartphone

It’s important to be aware of how your competitors are using responsive web design! Check out websites from others in your industry and find examples of responsive web design – what design elements are they using? How easy are they to navigate?

  • Find the right web design agency to help with responsive web design

When you’re looking for web designers, make sure you check out their portfolio and see if the websites they’ve made for past clients use responsive web design elements. Ask web designers about responsive web design and how they can optimise your site’s functionality on all screens. 

Conclusion: Prioritise Responsive Web Design

You could have the most impressive web design in the world – but if it can’t be accessed on every device, your business won’t reach potential customers.

To support your business’s growth online, responsive web design should be a priority when seeking a professional web design agency.

With Web-Sta, your business’s website will be built to intuitively fit any screen. By delivering an exceptional user experience to users on all devices, you’ll maximise opportunities to gain customers and grow your brand. Give us a call for responsive web design in Brisbane.