Real Men Rally 2024: A Recap on this Powerful Day

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The Web-Sta team are so grateful to have been part of some powerful change-making last weekend!

A first-of-its-kind event and movement kicked off on Sunday the 16th of June at the Kayo (Dolphins) Stadium in Redcliffe – The Real Men Rally. A movement to mobilise men, and community members, to stand against domestic and family violence. And that it did! 

We had overwhelming support from sponsors, community members, artists, guest speakers, and people with lived experience or a strong passion for ending violence against women.  And we were so lucky to have an amazing group of speakers sharing their experiences and insights, and connecting with men, women and professionals in the community. 

A big thank you to our speakers!

Amy Rastall, for bravely speaking up about her lived experience. She left the crowd feeling emotional and passionate about ending DV and stepping up to protect women, children and any other vulnerable people in our communities. 

Major Peter FlanneryMayor of the City of Moreton Bay, who stressed the importance of public conversations and communities in fostering safe and supportive neighbourhoods. 

Dave Kramer from Small Steps 4 Hannah for sharing his powerful connection to the cause. Dave taught us about noticing early signs of abuse and how to help. His call for vigilance and proactiveness is just one great example of grassroots change coming from the community!

Rev Paul Clarke of Redcliffe Uniting Church, and his unique perspective as a pastor, author, and broadcaster. Rev Clarke is helping to inspire men to shift damaging behaviours and beliefs, asking them to be the change.

Steve GollschewskiQLD Police Commissioner, for providing some sobering statistics on domestic violence in Queensland. He also ‘removed’ his Police hat and spoke from the heart as a dad, a grandad and just another bloke in the community with a wish for his kids to feel safe wherever they go. As heartbreaking as the data are, I think we can all agree that we are now more motivated than ever to put a stop to DV.

Hon Yvette D’AthAttorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, for sharing her haunting experiences of harassment and abuse. Her candid account added a powerful voice to the rally, reminding us of the ongoing need for legislative and community action!

Jet Xavier, or JX The High Performance Guy, for captivating the audience with his own story of redemption. His message of accountability and personal transformation resonated strongly with everybody in the crowd!

Jacque Lachmund from Workplace Respect and the Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council for courageously sharing her journey as a survivor of domestic violence. She’s gung-ho about the systemic changes needed to support victims and prevent abuse.

And Sean Gordon OAM (AKA Gordo), the event’s founder & MC, spoke passionately on the importance of education as a critical means to break the cycle for all, be they victim, bystander, perpetrator, or community member. Gathering to make a noise without creating and supporting change is mostly a waste of time he argued.

He who concluded the rally with a heartfelt call for everyone to sign the pledge to end domestic violence and foster a culture of respect and empathy.

Our Take Away’s from a Powerful Day 

Where to even begin?! 

The rally was filled with so many special moments, heartfelt speeches, emotional testimonials, and a coming together of everyone. 

We wanted to share our gratitude for everyone who attended and expressed their support through social media. Here’s just a glimpse of the online engagement:

#dvstopswithme Great to be part of the Real Men Rally yesterday against domestic violence …. a movement encouraging men to take a stand against it.” JX

“Thank you to the organisers and speakers. It was an excellent event with true leadership. Please keep going!!”

“#dvstopswithme Great to be part of the Real Men Rally yesterday against domestic violence …. a movement encouraging men to take a stand against it. Please sign the pledge” 

“‘I’ve always believed that when you have a voice, you have an obligation to use it to empower others’ ” 👑💕

What an absolute honour to be one of the guest speakers today at the first

With a line up of amazing speakers including @jacquebunny @_davekramer @jetxavier @seangordon33 @yvettedath 

Thank you to my family,friends and amazing partner who came today to support me – I feel overwhelmed by the support I received today ❤️”

“So powerful to see the men of our community taking a united stand against domestic and family violence at today’s Real Men Rally. 

Ownership. Accountability. Responsibility. 

Domestic violence stops with me. You. Us. 

Take the pledge today”

Find more conversations, media and updates from the event by following RMR’s Facebook page.  

And thanks to everyone who took a stand and signed the pledge!

We have well over 100 names on our Pledge Wall so far – and counting! Share it with your friends and get everyone on board!  Share the Link

A Thank You to our Supporters

The Real Men Rally 2024 was made possible through the support of numerous organisations and individuals. Special thanks go to Crew Legal, Kayo Sports Stadium, Sean Gordon OAM, City of Moreton Bay, Mark Ryan – On Your Side, Luke Howarth MP, Terry Young MP, Moreton Daily, Holy Cross Parish Redcliffe Peninsula,  Lions International Redcliffe & North Lakes, and the Redcliffe Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. We couldn’t have pulled it together without you!

We at Web-Sta also felt privileged to play our part. We had the pleasure of creating the Real Men Rally logo, designing the website and managing the Facebook page. Web-Sta Founder, Karen Ahl also helped co-organise and attended the event alongside Sean.

The event proved to be a huge hit with the community, with a great turnout and overwhelmingly positive feedback and conversations. It’s so inspiring to see how the community has come together and committed to this cause!

Let’s keep that momentum going!

So What Next?

You can still sign the pledge at, share the website or event with your contacts, or get in touch with us or Sean Gordon about joining the movement or recreating the event – do we want to say this or something similar?. 

Plus, check out Real Men Rally’s new Resources page to find educational tools, information, services, and RMR’s partners and supporters. 

To stay updated on future events or updates, like the Real Men Rally Facebook page here.

And don’t forget check out the Moreton Daily’s article on the rally here

The Real Men Rally was a unique and significant step towards ending domestic violence in our community. But we have a long way to go.

Let’s keep the movement going to create a safer, more respectful community!