How To Protect Your Brand In 2022

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For decades, it’s been all about and it’s ugly cousin, the This has been the standard for Australian businesses online, but not for long.

The new generation has just been born… 36 years later!

.AU Direct

“” has rolled off of our tongues for longer than most of us can remember. It’s become an assumption that all Australian businesses own the (or at least the

It’s going to take a while for this habit to fade, but that’s no reason to wait. My prediction is that in the next 5-10 years, .au direct domains will become the “new normal” as we start to drop the “.com” from our everyday language.

The .AU Band Wagon

Over my past 15 years in business, I’ve witnessed so many business owners miss out on their perfect domain simply because they waited too long. In a lot of cases, there’s nothing you can do (or the process is a painful one) to claim a domain that you feel ‘should’ be yours. .au direct domains will be no different.

Now IS the time to register any .au variations of your domain name/s so that no one else beats you to the punch.

Brand Protection + More .AU domain Benefits

In a recent article by Web Central, they outlined the 3 main benefits of owning a .au direct domain name.

  1. It’s Shorter | Less for your customers to type. It also means less cluttered business advertising including stationary, uniforms and signage. Great news if you already have a long website address.
  2. It’s More Aussie | Most other countries already have access to .com-less domains. For example, German has .de, Europe has .eu, heck, even Bolivia has .bo – It’s about time we caught up.
  3. It Helps Prevent Brand Theft | It prevents others from posing as you online and using a .au variation of your domain for fraudulent activities.

What You Do With It

Once you have adopted your existing domain’s little bro, it’s now just a matter of pointing it to your existing website address. Even if your main website ‘lives’ on a .com, or even, your website manager or domain registrar should be able to set-up a redirection so that your new .au website address points to your main site. 

The Bottom Line

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT WAIT to secure your .au direct domain.

For the sake of protecting one of the most valuable assets in your business, your brand, this is an action step we urge you to prioritise.

If you’re your an existing Web-Sta customer, or not sure where to start, we’ve got you. We offer domain registrations, including .au direct domains PLUS can take care of your redirection too.

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