Webinar Replay | How To Encourage + Leverage Customer Reviews

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What frustrates me is businesses online without ANY online customer reviews! Even the most amazing, customer-centric businesses can struggle to attract organic, 5-start online reviews.

That is what this article is about. Not only how you can easily request reviews, plus also leverage them to further promote your business.

In this webinar recording, I discuss what I believe are the 2 BIGGEST components to attracting and leveraging online reviews. I am joined by a group of our VIP clients where I answer their questions about reviews and how it relates to their unique businesses and industries.

The key steps and helpful links are outlined below and the full transcript of this video is available right at the end of this article.

Date: Monday, 10 May 2021
Presented via: ZOOM

Online Reviews – PART ONE

Encouraging Online Reviews

How to Get Reviews

Step 1 | Be prepared to ask – most customers don’t fully understand how impactful that one extra 5-star review is.

Step 2 | Ask for 5-Stars – asking specifically for a 5-star review vs “just a review”, means you’ll increase your chances of getting those valuable high-impact reviews.

Step 3 | Use a Script – using a pre-written script means you’ll be more organised and make this process a lot faster. We’ve prepared a generic Review Request Email Script HERE that you are more than welcome to start with.

Step 4 | Put Your Request Out There – Send your script out via email or text message. You can also post a request to social media or from within an online directory (e.g. Word Of Mouth). Two other strategies can include: on your printed materials (like the example presented in the video) or as a simple link in your email signature.

Your Review Links

To make leaving a review for you, as convenient and easy as possible, it’s best to include the direct links to the 1 or 2 platforms you want your customers to save their reviews.

We suggest mixing these up so that you get an even spread of reviews across multiple platforms.

1. Google My Business | you’ll need to have created and verified your free listing with Google first. Below is a great step-by-step video by Google Domination that shows you how to retrieve your Reviews Link.

Your Review Links cont…

2. Social Media | Most socials allow for the accumulation of reviews. Simple copy and paste your profile URL/website address.

3. Online Directories | Share your direct business listing URLs. e.g. Here’s a link to our Truelocal directory listing. If you’re finding this article helpful so far, why not leave us a 5-star review to better understand the process 😉

Other online directories include:

There’s 100’s of others you could focus on. As long as you already have your business listing published, you can share that link with your customers.

Offering a Sweetener

Have you ever purchased anything online, received your order, then been emailed a few days later requesting an online review? In some cases, you may need to offer your customers an extra incentive to leave you a review. This is great if you are a new business, trying to generate a lot of reviews quickly or are struggling to get a decent conversion rate on your review requests. 

This can be in the form of a discount towards a future purchase, a free gift or an entry into a prize draw. Whatever you decide, be creative and be mindful of what your target audience might actually desire.

Online Reviews – PART TWO

Leveraging Your Reviews

The Multi-Platform Approach

Now that you’ve gone to all that effort to elicit reviews from your happy customers, now’s the time to make the most of it.

1. Social Media | When you receive a 5-star reviews, e.g. on your Google My Business listing, then copy and paste that into social media posts.

BONUS HINT | If you are a business-2-business operation, then ‘tag’ your client’s social account/s where appropriate. This means a little extra promotion for you both!

2. Other Platforms | To further leverage the power of just one review, here’s a list of where else you can copy and paste it:

  • Website | this can be on a dedicated reviews / testimonials section of your website, or a service specific / sales page
  • Email signature | this makes you look good when communicating with new prospects
  • Email or print newsletter | sharing new customer reviews can encourage past happy customers to finally leave you one too
  • Specific Directories | directory websites like Word Of Mouth, allow you to submit the review on your customers’ behalf, triggering an email to them that they can simply approve with the click of one button

THE MORE THE MERRIER | leveraging just one review multiple times means that more people have the opportunity to see it. Naturally, your target audience will be scattered across your different online-presence-platforms, as should your awesome 5-start reviews.

Replying to Reviews

Not only is it a nice thing to do, replying to EVERY review adds to your overall online reparation.

PLUS | according to Birdeye:

1. Your local SEO will benefit from you taking the time to respond, and

2. Over 50% of customers expect a reply to their review. So why leave them hanging!

Here’s our guide on how to respond to Online Reviews (the good and the bad).

The Review Wrap Up


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for a review
  2. be sure to specifically ask for a 5-star review
  3. provide the direct link/s to where you would like the reviews to be published


  1. Copy and share your reviews onto multiple platforms
  2. Respond to EVERY review where possible

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