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SEO Mysteries Revealed – Part 3/3

Be Perceived as an Expert

Hi there! Great to see you again! Glad you could join us for the third and final clue to our SEO Mysteries Revealed series! If you missed the first two pieces in this series, we highly recommend you have a look at those first. ‘What does ‘SEO’ really mean?! starts at the very beginning and also clues you into the first metric Google and other search engines use to determine your website’s ever important ranking. The second piece, You need more than static content,’ expands on the first and explains why your website really does need more than static content to climb the search engine ladder. The third and final step that we’re covering in this series is, as the title suggests, the importance of being perceived as an expert… By search engine algorithms at least.

You’ve researched and used all of the top keywords and phrases in your website content, including your regularly updated subject-specific blog posts… And… Your website still isn’t showing up where it matters most (meaning most searchers won’t find you)! So frustrating! Why?!

Because the impartial search engine algorithms don’t see you or your website as an expert.

‘But how does a piece of software know whether I’m an expert or not?!’ you might ask.

Good question.

It doesn’t. It relies on other people to tell it whether you’re an expert in your area of knowledge or industry.


By analysing how many times your pieces are shared, commented on, and linked to by other sites.

If you’re creating genuinely valuable, interesting or entertaining content relevant to your industry, people will share it. If you’re really, really good at creating high level content, other websites in similar industries (i.e. that use similar keywords and phrases) will quote or link to your website. If your content is regularly shared, commented on, or linked to – especially by related sites – your business starts to become an expert in the eyes of search engine algorithms.

To be regularly shared, commented on or linked to, your content needs to be seen, to be presented in a way that makes it easy to interact with. For example, a Facebook user is definitely more likely to share a piece they find already on Facebook, rather than copying and pasting a specific URL and creating a new post themselves.

These days, social media is a business tool you can’t afford to ignore. The recent ‘Sensis Social Media Report’ showed that ‘…there were increased levels of trust for brands that interact with customers in a positive way on social media (up from 52% to 64%) and businesses with engaging and relevant content (up from 52% to 63%).’ If your customers (or potential customers) trust your content, they’ll share it. If they share it, Google notices and up that ladder you go. But your customers won’t get to the point of trusting your content, let alone sharing it, unless you put it in front of them. With more than 80% of those surveyed having a social media profile, your business needs to be active on social media to be seen.

Yes, there are other ways to increase your ‘expert status’, but for most businesses, creating a social media profile and sharing new, relevant content on there is a very good start!

So there you have it – Search Engine Optimisation explained.

  1. Make sure your site uses the right keywords and phrases in the first place
  2. Make sure these keywords and phrases are used regularly in fresh, relevant content
  3. Make sure your content is valuable enough, informative enough or entertaining enough to be shared, commented on, and linked to – as well as being presented in easily shareable formats!

No, it’s not rocket science, but there is definitely an art to it. And, honestly, we’ve presented the slightly simplified version. If any of this series is gobbledygook to you, or you’re switched on enough to know that expert help really will help to improve your website ranking game, we’d love to chat with you. Web-Sta specialises in all aspects of SEO and has helped many business climb the Google ranking ladder to the top!