My 6 Step Business-Energy Footprint Audit

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Stop Messing Up Your Marketing

When it comes to your Business Energy Footprint, I’m referring to two things, 

  • The collective vibe, image or personality of your company or organisation, and
  • How your Marketing can be leveraged to share this ‘energy’ with your audience.

Your Collective Vibe, Image Or Business Personality

It’s the overall energy you’re putting ‘out there’ that your audience interprets and therefore judges you by. It can be negative or positive and is what’s responsible for drawing prospective customers towards you or conversely, repels them.

It’s how your audience feels about you and describes you to others based on how they perceive you. It becomes your reputation.

For e.g. Telstra constantly gets a bad wrap regardless of how amazing their marketing is because of:

  1. The often unhelpful/incompetent behaviour of their support staff when something goes wrong, and
  2. The unreliable quality of their service offerings in regards to network outages, slow internet speeds and so forth (regardless of what their advertising promises us).

I don’t believe this was ever Telstra’s intention and, because they are so big and have left this for so long, they’d have to completely reinvent themselves to reverse this perception and repair their reputation. This would take years!

You see, all of the intangible elements of your business; including customer service, perceived value, knowledge, experience, empathy, communication style, attention to detail, timeliness and so forth… also contribute to your overall business vibe.

And, we can use this to our advantage by simply becoming aware!

Become Aware Of All Of Your Marketing

Like measuring your electricity usage to determine your carbon footprint, you can apply the same concept to your marketing. 

What Is Marketing And How Has It Evolved

Very simplistically, Wikipedia describes marketing as “…the process of exploring, creating, and delivering value to meet the needs of a target market in terms of goods and services”. But marketing has evolved. As shared on Hubspot early 2022, and echoing what I’ve been saying for over a decade, “Marketing is present in all stages of the business, beginning to end.

Everything you are perceived to say and do (particularly online), even if it’s not “part” of your marketing IS part of your marketing.

Everything you release ultimately contributes to your business’s overall Business Energy Footprint. Your marketing is more than a handful of Facebook posts, your business cards and your website. It’s every aspect – whether you’re communicating with your audience 1:1 or en masse.

Assessing Your Business Energy Footprint

By now, I’m sure you understand that every conscious advertising campaign, sales email and social media post combines with every seemingly innocuous (non-sales-focused) document, sign, email communication, staff uniform, image, and even customer conversation. Even your invoices, quote documents and vehicle signage play a role in the reputation of your business.

It starts to feel like a mammoth job to go through every element of your marketing, so let’s just start with the marketing you’re already doing.

Here’s my 6-Step Business Energy Footprint Audit to help you find the inefficiencies and room for improvement.

  1. Write Down How You Would Like For Your Audience To Perceive You | What would you like them to say about you? How would you like them to feel about your business?

  2. List Out Your Current Marketing Activities | List out everything you are currently doing to ‘market’ your business. Include your socials, email signature, Google Business Profile, quote documents, branding, your website… everything! Even those you’re not active with.

  3. Tick The Matches, Cross The Nots | Run through this list and ask yourself, “Is this marketing activity a reflection of how I want my audience to perceive my business?” Place a Tick beside those you feel you’re already getting right and a cross beside those that need work.

  4. Short List Your Priorities | Over the next 90 days, select 2-3 crossed activities that you feel could have a positive impact on your business. Schedule 30-60 minutes in your calendar so that you can start to give them the attention they need.

  5. Research Your Dream Businesses | Focusing on these 2-3 activities, start to “Digitally stalk” businesses that have a reputation that you admire and would like to emulate. The intention is to get inspo and ideas from how they conduct themselves and share their message. We often ask new customers about what other logos and websites they like as this often reflects how they wish to be perceived themselves.

  6. Do The Work | Each week, invest some time in progressing these activities until you feel you’ve matched them to what you identified for your business in step 1. Then continue to list the second step and pick your next 2-3 activities and keep the momentum going.

Ready To Clean Up Your Business Energy Footprint?

My 6-Step Business Energy Footprint Audit is an easy place to start, helping you focus on what’s next vs trying to bite off more than you can chew. Business is hard enough so why not make the whole ‘marketing thing’ feel more doable and sustainable?

Perhaps this quote may help “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan”. – Theodore Roosevelt. This is why I included Step 6 to ensure all of this marketing inspiration doesn’t go to waste. Marketing is way more effective when it’s done consciously and consistently.

Now when it comes to effectively communicating your unique business vibe online, this is something we pride ourselves on here at Web-Sta Web Design. We ask similar audit questions and research your dream businesses to get an idea of how you’d like others to perceive your business as well as the look and feel that you’re going for. It’s from this place of clarity and understanding that we’re able to write about your business, as well as design a logo and website, that effectively aligns with you and your audience.

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