What is Fully Managed Hosting? – And Do I Need It?

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Customers expect our websites to be fast, reliable and available. Your website’s ability to deliver on these common expectations is reliant on its hosting and, how it’s being managed.

In this article, we discuss the following aspects of website hosting

  • The Evolution of Website Hosting
  • DIY your Website Hosting
  • Fully Managed Website Hosting – The Right Fit

Generally, if you’re getting a website built by a professional, your web designer is also organising or providing your website with hosting. This is the physical location where all of your website files, images, words, and code will be stored, often referred to as Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Hosting.

The problem we see – time and time again – is that there are a lot of great-looking websites that are let down by the quality of the website hosting service by it being too slow or constantly dropping out. More often than not, this is due to opting for the cheapest hosting option available, with no included management or monitoring, relying on the website owner to self-manage backups, conflict resolution and even update their own website software. 

Genuine, Fully Managed Hosting, while a little more costly, takes care of all of this for you, saving you time and attracting more leads.

The Evolution of Website Hosting

To the average bystander, computers are complex and mysterious entities, especially when it comes to the internet. ‘Back in the day’, phrases like ‘website security’, ‘optimisation’, and ‘page load speed’ were only the worries of BIG business. Only big businesses need websites, and therefore website hosting.

Now here we are, in today’s digital world, and to be without an online presence is like setting up a retail shop, keeping the doors padlocked and never putting out a sign. It sounds a little risky to us.

Being Online Vs Not
What’s Riskier?

Building and maintaining a website, and navigating the constantly changing landscape of technology comes with its own risks. It can sometimes make you wonder why you’d bother – it just sounds easier not to have a website at all, AND, you have to admit, even local, small businesses need to be online in order to be found. Particularly now that there are more competitors for our prospects to choose from and we reside in bigger towns and cities. For the most part, whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business or a mobile operator, you rely on being found online. Our customers are online, therefore we need to be as well.

It’s simply a case of deciding how best to manage these risks to get the most value out of your website investment, and your website hosting plays a big role.

DIY Your Website Hosting

Like DIY home improvements, DIY websites have become somewhat of a craze. And, it’s all sold to look a lot simpler than it is. There’s very rarely any mention of what it takes to build a website that actually ranks well, looks great and is effective in helping you sell your products and services… and don’t even get us started on the ongoing management that every website needs. Unless you’re technically minded, or at least prepared to conduct weeks and months of research, it’s unlikely that your ‘out of the box’, DIY web design and hosting is going to ‘cut the mustard’ short or long term.

What most DIY solutions don’t make clear is that;

Not all software is created equal this is where speed issues and website dropouts are experienced. 

Some simple questions to ask are:

  • Are you locked into a contract?
  • Will your fees go up if you add more features?
  • Who fixes my website / hosting when something breaks?
  • Can I move my website if I’m not happy with the hosting?

Another great question to ask your future web hosting provider, self-managed or otherwise, is 

  • What is and isn’t included in my website and hosting?

Fully Managed Website Hosting Inclusions

To give you an idea of what we feel SHOULD be included in a Fully Managed Website Hosting solution, here’s our current list:

    • Backup of your existing website files + transfer from current host to your new Fully Managed WordPress Hosting account
    • Performance Review and Optimisation Pre + Post website transfer
    • Purchase or Transfer of your Domain Name
    • Delegation of your domain name to point to your new website hosting
    • Addition of email settings called MX Records to ensure uninterrupted functionality of your email service
    • Email set-up using Google G-Suite if you don’t have Professional Emails already

Fully Managed Website Hosting – The Right Fit

If you consider yourself “technically challenged‘”, don’t for a second consider anything but a Fully managed website hosting solution. Save yourself the time, frustration and cost of having a poorly performing website in the short-term and invest in a quality website with the right hosting to suit your business growth goals.

With more than 16 years in the industry, we’re focused on helping small and medium businesses achieve an effective online presence and explain what all of it means in a way that is easy to understand and relevant to you.

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