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New Logo Design 2022
New Logo Design 2022


Brisbane | Caboolture | Sunshine Coast Logo Design

More Than Just a Logo

When it comes to branding, we consider your business logo to be more than just a single image file. If it’s to become part of your business’s visual identity and needs to align with who you are, what you do and connect with those you want to sell to.

A proper, professional brand design is more than just one little graphic with your name in a fancy font. It’s so much more than that. As part of any logo design and branding package we offer, we consider all of the individual versions of your logo you’ll require to appear across all of your on and offline advertising. It’ll be what your target audience sees on your social media, website, email signature, signage and invoices, each requiring a logo file in a different size, format and layout.

We work with you to establish a unique and creative design that represents you, your business and your target market and provide you with ALL of the logo source, web, social and print logo files you’ll ever need.

Logo + Brand
Design Services

New Logo Design

If you’re new in business we highly recommend hiring a professional logo maker from day #1. Most free logo design services do not take your target audience or copyright into consideration not to mention there can be massive issues with trademarking down the track.

By trusting your logo with a graphic designer who understands your industry, takes the time to get to know you and has a reputable track record, you’re more likely to end up with a logo you’ll love.

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Logo Files

As part of our professional logo design services, we include ALL of the design files you’ll ever need!

All the right size and format to suit.

  • Print / Signage: pdf, ai (vector file), eps, jpeg + tiff
  • Web / Screen: .png, jpg, svg
  • Social Media: png. jpg

This means we won’t just give you one .jpg file that you cannot remove the background from or cuts off in your Facebook profile image.

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Other Logo Design

Logo Redesigns

If your logo is simply looking a bit dated but you still kind of like it, a logo redesign may be all you need. Refreshing the font, digitising any image components or simply modernising the colours are all ways we turn an old logo into something fresh without confusing your audience with a completely different look.


Embarking on a rebrand is more significant than just a redesign. We’re not only going for fresh, we’re aiming for something completely different. A totally new look throughout all of your advertising and marketing. We still provide all of the logo file formats and sizes you’ll need for print, screen and social media PLUS we’ll provide you with guidance on how to start switching your brand on everything.

Standout Logos

The Cost of Getting the Wrong Logo

We’ve seen time and time again where a business invests in a new logo file only to receive a .jpeg file that they can’t really do much with. Unless your graphic designer is happy to provide you with the original design files (otherwise known as Vector files), you may run into issues when ordering stationery, signage and uniforms.

Signwriters and printers, for example, require a vectorised logo file so that they can use it in their software. The same applies for stickers, vehicle signs, large format printing, business cards, embroidery and several online uses like social media and digital invoices.If you’re unable to acquire these files from your original logo designer, you may need to pay extra to have your logo re-digitised just so it’s in a format that can be used. This means they’ll need to recreate your logo again. Not only does this cost you more time and money, it also opens you up to yet another person’s design input. e.g. a font or colour change that doesn’t quite match your original logo. This results in an inconsistent, less memorable brand that you’ll pay for later.

Standout Logos

Signage + Print Ready Logo Files

For your future stationary, sticker and signage requirements, check to ensure your branding / logo package includes:

  • .pdf, 
  • .ai (vector file)
  • .eps
  • .jpeg
  • .tiff

While you’ll likely be unable to open and view a lot of these design (vector) files due to not having the professional software programs to do so, your signwriter does. Forwarding your logo suite with these files included will give them all files they could ever require and in the right formats, colour codes and resolutions.

Screen Ready Logos

When it comes to online you’ll require your logo in different formats and sizes vs signage and print. Resolution plays a role here as does your need to be able to open and use these files without any fancy software.

Here are the basics three

  • .png – Can appear on any coloured background without that ugly white box and maintains a crisper resolution
  • .jpg – Greatly reduces file size and often the most appropriate file type for websites and where smaller file size is important
  • .svg – Can be scaled without loss of quality

Social Ready Logos

This encompasses Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and any platform that requires your logo be uploaded as a square. Online directories often require a square profile image also. This is so that nothing gets cut or cropped off. Ideally, as part of your branding and logo collection, be on the lookout for:

  • .png
  • .jpg

You should be able to open both file formats and they both need to be saved in a square. Depending on your original logo layout, this may need to appear as a stacked version of your logo where the layout has been modified slightly for it to fit (and still look good) in a square version.

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Original Logo
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Stacked Logo Design

Still Need That Logo?

Graphic Design

Other Graphic Design Sunshine Coast, Caboolture + Brisbane 

In addition to designing logos, we offer other graphic design services as part of our Social Media Management and Google My Business Management offerings.

To compliment our website projects, we also offer basic photo editing, infographics and more.


Our Logo Design

How We Create Your Company Logo

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we essentially interview you. We want to understand your industry, who you want to sell to as well as the personality of your business. This includes if you’re a solo operator. Having a logo that reflects you and your business culture will go a long way in making you memorable and appealing.

We take your tastes, any previous branding and colour psychology into account. We even pay attention to your price point and the quality of your product or service.

We generally design 3 logo concepts then present these to you for consideration. Often, clients request a blend of 2 or more of the designs to create their ideal logo. Upon deciding on the right design, our graphic design team puts on the finishing touches and packages the whole lot together with all of the file formats and sizes you’ll need. We even include a professionally presented Band Style Guide that contains all of the fonts, colour codes and logo styling to help keep your branding consistent across all of your advertising.

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That is incredible! That is absolutely incredible.
Both your team and yourself have done amazing!

Canaussie Safety Innovations

Web Designer Brisbane Top Rated

“Thank you Karen + Team Web-Sta. First of all, we so love our logo!
You really captured what I had in my head.”

Elk Beauty Lounge

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