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Today, businesses needing a website can hire web developers from all over the globe. But when it comes to outsourcing web development services, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

For Australian businesses, including those in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, web designers and web developers from your area offer far more benefits than searching for someone reputable online.

But, what are the benefits? Why should you stay local for your web development needs, and what should a local web developer offer to your business?

We’ll walk you through the 4 benefits of hiring a local web developer:

  1. There’s better communication
  2. You have less risk
  3. You gain relevant & reliable support
  4. Experience reliable tech support

If you’re searching for a professional web developer and need some advice, you can get in touch with the Web-Sta team for helpful (and local) support.

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Local Web Developer

1.  Better Communication

Local Web Developer for better communication

In order to create a website that fits your needs, aligns with your brand, and is capable of driving online traffic, a business and a web developer must be able to communicate effectively.

A number of communication issues can occur when you outsource web development to someone you don’t know, especially if they’re based in another country.

Here are 5 communication breakdowns that frequently happen:

1.  Industry knowledge

For example, the words used to describe a business and their service areas on the Sunshine Coast are different to other regions, let alone countries. Trade industries are a common example of this with jargon and vernacular differing from state to state.

2.  Misunderstanding

Website design and speaking the same language

Between a delayed signal, dropped connection, or poor video quality, chatting with a web developer overseas can be frustrating and runs the risk of misinterpretation. Then there’s the consideration of language barrier both with any verbal and written communications.

3.  Unavailability

Most freelancers are in Europe, South America, and Asia, so if you’re outsourcing web development you’ll have to deal with an awkward time zone. No business owner wants to stay up late, get up early, or reschedule their day to meet with their international web developer.

It’s just each to work with a local web developer who can be available at a time that suits you both. With zero to very little time difference, this can speed up the development of your website exponentially.

4.  Unclear pricing

A miscommunication around Australian dollars and American dollars could lead to extra costs that your business wasn’t prepared for. This one sounds very simple, but it does trip up a lot of businesses.

5.  Physical barrier

If you don’t know a lot about web design, that’s very difficult to do! With the option to meet in-person with your local web developer, those tricky explanations are more often easily translated and understood.

The way you communicate with and understand your web developer, and vice versa, has a huge impact on the success of your project. By choosing a local web developer, you make sure that the details of your project are understood on both sides.

2.  Less Risk

Local Website Developer

You might be searching for web development services and find someone offering a budget-friendly deal online. You’ll think you’ve found a bargain, but outsourcing web development to someone overseas is often too good to be true.

Without a local web developer, businesses run the risk of getting a poor-quality website from an overseas provider who isn’t adequately qualified – In Australia alone, just 36% of freelancers have a degree. And then there’s also the possibility of falling prey to a web development scam and not having the backing of the Australian legal system to back you up.

There are many reasons why hiring a local web developer is less risky than outsourcing to an overseas freelancer. We’ll list just a few:

  • Reputation

Local developers will have reviews and testimonials from previous clients, so you can quickly work out if they’re worth your time and money. You’re also more likely able to chat with them Face-2-Face or over the phone allowing you to pick up on their ‘vibe’ and if you like or even trust them.

  • Portfolio

An easy way to check the skill-level of a web developer is to check their portfolio online. If you like what they’ve done and you recognise the businesses they’ve worked for, you have peace of mind that they’re a high-quality provider.

  • Qualifications and/or Experience

Whether it is one or both, understanding the quality of your web developer’s qualifications, and the extent of their experience bring with it a peace of mind and serves as another step to reducing your risks.

  • Accountability

Working with a local web developer brings a lot of security because their local reputation is on the line. It’s more difficult to chase an overseas freelancer for a late project, however a local web developer is more easily held accountable.

Web-Sta provides peace of mind to Australian businesses needing an impressive website. Our team of local web developers provide that local touch. Check out our web design and development services.

1.  Relevant Advice & Support

Local Web Developer

Hiring a professional and local web developer is clever. If they’ve ‘been in the game’ for a while, they’ll be more familiar with running a business in Australia, PLUS you won’t be alone. They’ll be able to share real-world advice from their experience helping other businesses just like yours. So you’ll more likely receive quality web design, as well as helpful industry-relevant advice and support along the way.

This is what we mean:

  • Knowing your customers

A local web developer already understands who your audience are.  Knowing what they’ll respond to, and how they’ll find your business will help guide many of the design and content decisions required to make your dream website a reality.

When 46% of Google searches have a local intent, having a local web developer with an understanding of how the community uses search engines is a huge advantage.

  • Researching your competitors

A local web developer has in-depth knowledge of what works in your industry and can analyse what your competitors are up to.

You want someone focused on building something that looks good, plus who is invested in identifying what other direct and indirect businesses will be competing for the search phrases you want to rank for.

With this awareness, they can create a competitive advantage for your business using web development features and a marketing strategy that none of your competitors have.

  • Understanding your needs

Sometimes business owners just need a simple website. The advantage of a local web developer is that they know what will work for your business based on their knowledge of what web development strategies are both affordable and effective in your community.

Local web developers are able to provide a personalised service that freelancers can’t match. 

2.  Reliable Tech Support

Brisbane web design

If you experience an issue with your website, you want to be able to contact a professional as soon as possible.

A local web developer can be on-call to address any technical issues or provide advice quickly, without waiting for a remote freelancer to wake-up (if they’re in another country) or travel to your location (if they live far away).

Below are some common scenarios where a local web developer saves you a lot of hassle:

  • Minor changes to your website

If you update one of your services, or realise something on your website needs editing, a quick call to your local web developer can fix the issue in no time.

Plus, having a local relationship with a web development business might save you a few dollars!

  • Performance monitoring

When you’re investing a substantial amount of money into your online presence, you want to know how well it’s working.

A local web developer can schedule monthly reports and provide a breakdown of how your site’s running – and because they can meet in-person, it’ll be easier to understand the technicalities.

  • Website security

Outsourcing web development means you’re entrusting someone in another country with your website’s security and data protection.

If the worst-case scenario happens, and your website is attacked by malware, the last thing you need is an unavailable freelancer or an international customer support centre who won’t prioritise your needs. This can be a concern for many business owners who want to feel like their data and domain hosting is being taken care of by someone close by.

On average, websites are ‘down’ for 3 hours per month. While this doesn’t seem long, a business can still lose customers and their reputation from their website crashing. Having a local web developer on call reduces the risk of technical difficulties with your site.


Being able to outsource certain tasks and services to freelancers can be helpful to businesses. But web development is a huge investment for your business, so it’s critical to find someone who is professional, knowledgeable, and available to take care of such an important asset.

Hiring a local web developer is a wise choice for business owners throughout Australia who want technical capability without compromising on local knowledge.

At Web-Sta, our team of web developers can build your website to help you achieve your business goals. It’s all part of our mission to help small business owners take advantage of their online presence, with creative website design, 24/7 monitoring, personalised support.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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