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Logos, Images, Photos, Videos & Downloads!

To Make Your Website Look Great!

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In This Guide…

We cover everything you need to know about collating and capturing the best images, photos and media content for your new website project.

Logo Files

We list out the different logo files that you’ll need for your new website.

Professional Stock Images + Photos

Because imagery plays such an important roll in how your website will be perceived.

Images & Photos Supplied By You!

We include a list of image specifications, layout options and tips to ensure your website captures the ‘vibe’ you are going for.

Video & Downloadable Content

We cover these too!

Capturing The Right Shot!

In this guide, we also offer tips for capturing the best photos that showcase your personality.

  1. The Headshot
  2. The Client Support Shot
  3. Leaning Against A Wall Shot
  4. Hard At Work Shots
  5. The “Casually Good Looking” Candid Shots
  6. The Personality Shot
  7. Behind The Scenes Shot
  8. The Celebration Shot
  9. The Boss Shot

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What photos you need for a website