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How to Share a YouTube Video on Facebook


This video will show you how to upload or share rather a YouTube video to your business Facebook page.


  1. Your business Facebook page,
  2. The YouTube Video you wish you share [Yours or someone else’s]
  3. Pre-typed up post wording [RECOMMENDED]



// Share Just Your YouTube Video Link //

In YouTube, click on Share and this pop-up gives me the option of some code. I can just click on Facebook but that’s gonna open up another tab. What I wanna do here is just copy this link. This is a short link, you see that it’s kind of truncated the word YouTube. Just copy for a nice short and easy link that we can copy and paste into Facebook. It’s fetching a preview and it’s gonna give us a bit of a screenshot of this video. I’m just gonna move this down because I want to have this link at the bottom of this post. So that’s pretty much it if you were just to share the video and do nothing else that’s where you would start.

// Give Your Video Content Context //

I’m gonna come over here and I wanna put this text in it. You might notice I have hashtags here yes hashtags are a thing. So take the time to actually think of a few as you can see they will link in blue once they’re imported or posted into your Facebook post. You see all those little icons and emojis have come across as well. While I’m here I’m just gonna fix up some spacing so it’s a little bit more visually pleasing. Make sure your spelling is correct. I’m gonna move that emoji. So basically when you do post something like a video and you want people to watch them. So just make sure you’re using a little bit of directive wording here.

// Present Your Post + Tag //

Putting extra things like question marks or forward slashes do get a little bit more attention. Also mixing it up between capitals and lowercase also help with the post itself sticking out amongst all of the others. If possible, remember to tag any relevant business pages. The reason we even bother doing this is because now I’m tagging our own page in this, I’ll get a notification saying I’ve been tagged.

// Share Your Video Marketing Further //

If you wanna further promote this and you are already a member of some Facebook groups what I suggest here and I’ve proven this many a time that this is a very good strategy to adopt, is you can share this. So going from here we can actually go on to something like Share. You can share this to your personal page. I suggest always clicking on the include your original post checkbox. I’m gonna share this onto the Caboolture Business Directory that we manage

// Hashtags //

Hashtags actually do help with reach so that’s why these things like that is completely acceptable.

// We’d Love To Share More With You //

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