Make People Want to Buy from You Now

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How do you make people want to buy from your website? While there is no one single answer to this question, a good place to start is website design. This blog looks at the importance website design plays in relation to first impressions, and how to effectively engage your target customers.

  • How “The Fold” impacts website design
  • Strategic layout for maximum impact
  • The importance of visual appeal & your unique target customers

Website Design | What’s ‘Above the Fold’ on Your Website? 

What is “The Fold”?

To put it simply, the fold is the the bottom of your screen, where your (horizontal) toolbar is typically located. The concept of “above the fold” refers to the part of any given website that is immediately visible on the user’s screen when they first visit a site. This can also change depending on the size and type of device being used – such as laptop vs smartphone, and the corresponding screen size. 

How Social Media Changed the Way We Browse Websites

Thanks to Facebook (and other social media platforms), we are now more inclined than ever before to scroll down when visiting a website. That being said, the amount of scrolling we’re prepared to do depends on our first impression of a website.

So, what does this mean for website design? 

  1. Less Cramming Above the Fold | since users are now more willing to scroll down the page, it’s no longer necessary for websites to cram all essential information above the fold. This allows for a spacious, streamline design that intrigues, rather than overwhelms.
  2. Make a Killer First Impression | to get your website visitors scrolling, you must first be able to capture their interest, to make sure they choose to stay on your page and scroll for more information.


Strategic Layout of Your Website Design for Maximum Impact

A great website design will take your customers on a journey. You’re telling a story that shows your customers that you understand their problems / needs, and clearly explains your products and services, and how they offer a convenient, effective solution. The use of strategically-placed Calls To Action (CTAs) along the journey will help to encourage sales conversions. 

When it comes to strategic website layout, remember to:

  • Be Clear & Honest | Make sure that your business offerings are straightforward and crystal clear – customers tend to distrust and discredit websites and businesses that provide misleading information. 
  • Know Your Target Audience | the key to website design is to know your target audience inside out: What are their problems? What are their needs and preferences? What are their buying behaviours?
  • Use CTAs Strategically | should you place your CTAs at the beginning, middle, or end of your webpage? Your placement of CTAs really depends on your specific target customers and their preferences.

Not sure about how you should tailor your website to best suit and appeal to your target audience? No worries! The great thing about customised website design, is that we offer professional consultations to gain a thorough and clear understanding of your business and target customers. We then use this knowledge to create a strategic and professional website design that is on-point with you and your customers!

Does Your Website Design Look Good & Suit Your Target Customers?

Have you ever been unable to resist a delicious slice of cake because it just looks so mouth-watering and decadent? Visual appeal is a powerful thing – and websites are no different!

How to make people want to buy from your website now

It’s important to create a website design that looks great, with effective use of key design elements, including:

  • Overall layout
  • Colour scheme
  • Images & videos
  • Font; and 
  • Content

However, as we all know, not everybody likes the same flavour of cake! Don’t worry, your website doesn’t have to satisfy everyone – the most important thing is that you create a website design that really speaks to your specific target customers.

For example, a website that sells art supplies might be bright, colourful, and creative. As opposed to a website that promotes health and wellbeing, which may use soothing colours and a layout that gives a sense of ease and spaciousness.

CLIENT SHOWCASE // Rinofin Constructions

Rinofin Construction Services

When it comes to construction and building services, seeing is believing. Through this understanding of Rinofin’s target customers, great quality project photos were essential! With fantastic images to capture interest and create a powerful first impression, branding and wording was tailored to make it immediately obvious and clear to customers what Rinofin Construction Services offer.

A zig zag layout takes customers on an engaging journey, complete with strategic CTA buttons to encourage them to act now. This website offers a beautiful reflection of the homes they build.


D’Aguilar Pub + Motel

As a central hub for socialising and sustenance, it was essential for this website to communicate the atmosphere and “old school” charm of The D’Aguilar Pub & Motel. Engaging images communicate having a good time with friends, celebrations, entertainment, and delicious food!

Keeping in mind that website users are often visitors to the area who are looking for a great place to eat and drink, this website is mobile-responsive, with quick and easy CTA buttons that link directly to helpful information such as contact phone number, Google Map location, and the What’s On section.

This website is easy-to-use, and encourages visitors to stop by for a great time at The Dag!

CLIENT SHOWCASE // Briz Woodfired Pizza

Briz Woodfired Pizza

With mouth-watering imagery, the visual appeal of this website makes woodfired pizza hard to resist! With fun cartoon-style icons and backgrounds, not to mention an Animated Video to peak interest – Briz Woodfired Pizza have an engaging website that is easy to navigate.

Website visitors enjoy a well-spaced content layout that is broken up with photos and design elements for easier reading and a pleasant scrolling experience.

This website really conveys the fun, festivity, and deliciousness of woodfired pizza!

In Summary

Your website design can make a huge difference when it comes to getting the attention of your target customers, and encouraging sales conversions.

A key thing to remember is this: Know your customer!

With this powerful knowledge, you can create a website design that makes a killer first impression, and encourages your unique target customers to engage with your website – and buy now!