How to Hook Them at First Site! Planning Your New Website

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Launching a new website can be as exciting as it is daunting. Whether it’s a brand new digital presence or a refresh of your current site, planning is pivotal. At Web-Sta, we love creating one-of-a-kind websites, branding, and marketing strategies for each unique business. Because we know that you’re one-of-a-kind, too!  

And the first page of your website is the most critical – because it’s where your clients first “land”. It needs to be visually appealing, while also getting results! So here are 11 vital elements to have on your homepage – to engage with your audience and hook attention!

Clear Branding Easy Navigation Hero Section What’s in it For Me Featured Content or Products Testimonials and Reviews Newsletter Signup Relationships First Human-based Communication Visual Design (2)


1. Clear Branding:

Start with clarity. Your logo and tagline are your first greeting with visitors—make sure they (clearly) communicate your brand’s purpose and identity. This isn’t just about looking good! it’s about connecting to your core audience at first sight.

2. Easy Navigation:

Simplicity leads to a smoother journey. A well-structured navigation menu helps visitors get through your site effortlessly. Think of it as the map that highlights all the treasure spots on your website (the last thing you want is people getting lost)!

3. Hero Section:

First impressions count! A hero section is all about commanding attention. For that reason, it should be at the top of your page and can showcase an impactful image, video or brand story. Don’t forget to top it off with a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that nudges users towards the next step. The next step could be learning more, getting in touch, or diving straight into your offerings.

4. What’s in it For Me? (Value Proposition):

What’s your sta-nd out factor? Your website should clearly articulate the value you offer. It’s about pointing out what makes your services or products unique. Let your visitors know why they should stick around and explore!

5. Featured Content or Products:

Draw them deeper. Use your homepage to highlight key products or content, encouraging visitors to delve into what you offer. This part can make the difference between someone browsing vs. someone taking action (e.g. making a purchase, calling, or signing up to a newsletter) – also known as conversion

6. Testimonials and Reviews:

Trust is key. Showcasing positive feedback from current customers builds credibility and reassures new clients about the quality of your offerings. No matter how short or simple – try and get at least one testimonial on your site!

7. Newsletter Signup:

Keep the connection alive! A subscription or sign-up form invites visitors to stay up-to-date on valuable content, promotions, or news. It also builds more excitement about being in touch with your brand or business!

8. Relationships First:

Show that you’re human! Regularly update your homepage with the latest announcements, blogs, or social media links to keep your visitors connected to you. It’s like they can engage with you on a more personal level. 

9. Human-based Communication:

Be accessible. Clear and visible contact information or a contact form is a MUST. It makes it easier for visitors to reach out with questions or inquiries. AND, it proves that you’re a real human behind the business (again – building trust is key)!

10. Visual Design:

Remember that people will see your website on phones, tablets and computers. So it needs to look great and function well on any device! And, it has to be easy to take in. A strong visual hierarchy ensures that you’re guiding visitors naturally through your content, but the most important parts are standing out.

11. Call-to-Action (CTA):

Compel action. Strategic CTAs throughout the homepage should guide visitors towards engaging more deeply with your site—whether they’re making a purchase, signing up, or learning more.

Last but not least… A Little Extra Tip!

Don’t overlook your footer! It’s usually the last part of your page your audience will see, so it’s perfect for additional navigation, links to important pages, contact details, and copyright information. Never underestimate convenience!

A well-planned homepage is your first step towards turning interest into action. So each element should present your business in the best light AND connect more with your visitors. 

At Web-Sta, we create customised, unique, high-performing websites that empower businesses like yours. And we’d LOVE to help you nail the perfect homepage! 

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