How to ‘Flatten the Curve’ in Changing Times

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Let’s Level Out

The times we live in present unique challenges and opportunities to businesses. So how can you ‘flatten the curve’, and level-out the ups and downs during these rapidly changing times?

We believe that by leveraging the multitude of no and low cost digital business tools available, you can not only ride the ups and downs more comfortably, you can benefit from some of the most creative and innovative local, small and medium business marketing strategies we’ve seen in over 10 years.

Here’s Our Top 3 Hot Tips To Iron Out The Curves

  1. Generate Opportunities That Quiet Time Offers
  2. Get Found – Leverage These FREE Marketing Techniques, and  
  3. Get a New Website or Revive Your Existing One 

Generate Opportunities That Quiet Times Offer

We’ve identified three broad business behaviours that have emerged during this time of change:

Web Design Company - Web design correlates with credibility

So which type of business do you want to be???

While it can be discouraging to stay motivated in challenging times, that’s precisely the time when we suggest you get proactive. It’s not the time to stop marketing, rather it’s the time to think about how you can best market your business in a changed business environment! This might mean learning new social media skills to take advantage of increased social media use during times such as this, as well as refreshing your website, and reaching out to potential and existing customers.

If business is down, that means you’ve likely got a surplus of that rarest of all resources –  TIME! Time to plan, strategise and get clear in otherwise uncertain times. Being flexible and adaptable will allow you to pivot quickly to respond to your existing customers and new prospects’ needs, focusing on either servicing those needs now or staying front of mind so that when business is ready to flow again, you’re prepared, and one of the first places your customers invest their money.


Get Found – Leverage These FREE Marketing Techniques

Refreshing your website is one BIG way to get yourself found, but your website can’t do all the heavy lifting on its own! Marketing is so much more BIG PICTURE than that.

Consider your website as the ultimate endgame for where you can engage more widely with potential customers. It’s also where you can re-engage with existing customers and those in your sales pipeline that haven’t bought from you yet. There’s no point building an amazing website, have people find you, only for you to then lose them through your inability to stay in contact! 

Client Contact + Engagement

This engagement could take the form of: 

  • A monthly newsletter 
  • Regular blogging 
  • Sharing useful content on social media platforms; and
  • Remembering to include your website link in each post

Benefit Your Business through a New or Refreshed Web Design 

When you select a web design company who knows their stuff, you can experience a host of benefits from your new or refreshed website. How so? Let’s take a look: 

  • Just like you, Google LOVES fresh, quality content. Think about it, if you were deciding whether to read a dated article written in the year 2000, or an up-to-date article written in 2020, which would you choose? When users engage with your content, taking the time to read it, Google takes notice and rewards you with better ranking
  • A quality marketing and web design company knows how best to appeal to your target audience. Your website’s design, page wording and tone should be tailored to engage with this audience. What this means for your business is potentially a higher conversion rate – from traffic into qualified leads and customers! 
  • A web design company who understands marketing will also integrate Calls-to-Action throughout your website. What is a Call-to-Action? It’s a short simple directive to potential customers to encourage them to engage with your business – be it, “Sign-up for our Free Trial”, “Buy Now” or “Subscribe to our mailing list”. A well-crafted Call-to-Action can deliver results for your business, once again by converting traffic into qualified leads and customers. Every new website should feature one or more targeted Calls-to-Action inviting users to engage.

While keeping your website up-to-date can improve your search engine rankings, it’s the design features that encourage customers to stay or go. 94% of consumers identified easy navigation as the most important feature of a website. If your site is easy to navigate, your prospects will be more likely to turn into customers.

Web Design Company - Web design correlates with credibility

Get Inspired by this Small Business Example 

With the downturn beginning in March, the owners of Bribie Air Conditioning & Refrigeration found themselves in a challenging position. How to maintain their business when customers are cancelling home visits?

The answer is simple – re-position! At Web-Sta we are working with this dynamic local business to proactively tackle the challenges they’re facing. Here’s the steps we’re taking with Bribie Air Conditioning & Refrigeration as part of this collaboration process: 

  • Investing in a small email marketing campaign to let customers know they’re still available for in-home visits to clean air con units
  • Reassuring customers, through a website update, that all safety precautions are being upheld by staff 
  • Offering a great deal on both split system + ducted air conditioner cleans
  • Reminding customers via their email campaign, of the health benefits of clean air conditioning units and reiterating that fresh, clean air is an essential service
  • Pivoting to also offer a physical product to supplement a traditionally service-based offering
  • Upgrading their website to offer a simple one-product ordering functionality

Key Takeaways

Challenging times offer opportunities for businesses to get creative and to reposition their brand. Consider how your business can best take advantage of a changed environment, whether that be by refreshing your website, updating your social media skills or launching an inspired marketing campaign.  

At Web-Sta we’ll work with you every step of the way to create your ideal website. We also offer a lot of no and low-cost marketing tips, strategies and updates via our email newsletters and also via our FREE Facebook Group, Trusty Tradies

Time to get creative?