How to Edit the Body of A Newsletter in WordPress + MailPoet

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  1. ailLogin to your WordPress Dashboard using the details supplied in your post website launch email.

  1. Select the MailPoet option – located in the black Dashboard menu on the the left of screen

  1. Click on the [Post Notifications] Tab – located towards the top of the screen, third tab along

  1. Click on the “Newsletter Title” located below the Subject column or, hover below the title and click on the blue Edit link that appears  – 

  1. Once in your newsletter, click and highlight the word or body of text to be edited and make the desired changes.

  1. To Preview the changes made, either click on [ View in browser ] button located under the PREVIEW section on the bottom right hand side or, enter the email address you want to Send a preview to and click the [ Send preview ] button

  1. Once previewed, return to WordPress MailPoet and click the [ Next ] button at the bottom of the page

  1.   NOTE: Once you are done editing it is imperative that you click the [ Activate ] button to ensure your newsletter will publish at the programmed time.

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