How Offline Marketing can Boost Your Website

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From product packaging and vehicle signage to networking and merchandise; these ‘non-digital’ tools all contribute to your overall ‘digital’ presence and performance. At Web-Sta we believe a mix of digital and off-line marketing strategies work best. Don’t just take our word for it… gurus Digital Doughnut agree!

Digital Doughnut are thought leaders in the digital marketing space, and this is our take on an article they published regarding offline marketing.

In a digital era where new technologies take over every aspect of our lives, standing out from the crowd with traditional off-line marketing could prove seriously lucrative.

Despite the rising popularity of email marketing and online campaigns, off-line, physical marketing still remains a useful resource.

Why is Off-Line Marketing so Beneficial?

1. Authenticity

It’s obvious that we’ve become so engrossed with social media and the online world that our brains often subconsciously ignore and disregard digital marketing. We’re so accustomed to it. Seeing something that has been physically created, or physically interacting with something, has a certain and peculiar appeal to it. It just feels different. We are just not exposed to off-line marketing (including analogue radio and TV ads, posters + billboards) to the degree we were back in the 80s. These days, so much of it has gone digital and there are so many more businesses playing the game. No wonder there’s a seeming lack of authenticity.

2. Competition and a Clean Funnel

From a business owner’s perspective, there are fewer competitors investing in physical, off-line advertising and marketing. This means there are fewer competitors vying for your target audiences’ attention, which means your message has a better chance of sticking out and being noticed. Off-line advertising also provides the ideal opportunity to tell prospects about your website. Let’s compare Google Search vs Signage – a typical Google search results in at least 9 other competitors appearing on just the first page and, that’s if you’re lucky enough to even be on the first page. Signage has your website address on display for prospects to type straight in, offering a clean + direct funnel to your website.

3. Substance, Authenticity + Permanence

Off-line signifies to your customers and prospects that you have taken the time to create something of substance that reflects your brand and your message. Some online marketing efforts can feel temporary, particularly activities like posting a bunch of photos with quotes from celebrities scattered on your Facebook page. In the fight to stay ahead of the next person, online advertising is repetitive, always changing and can feel rushed. Printed or more traditional forms of advertising can feel more stable, permanent + tangible. More on the tangible nature of promotional products in a moment.

4. Relationships + Trust

Making a genuine effort with prospective customers will instil a sense of trust and therefore make them more likely to return to you. Building brand familiarity and trust is one of the key factors to any business’ success. Seeing your sign-written vehicle, holding your business card, getting a quote presented on branded letterhead… all of these non-digital elements help build trust and therefore the relationship between you and your customer.

off-line marketing

5. Tangibility

The benefits of off-line marketing are only strengthened through promotional merchandising. Off-line promotional merchandise is a cost-effective solution to marketing and some of the benefits you can expect to reap are instant brand exposure, customer loyalty and long-term returns. Whether you’re personalising pens, badges, mugs or chocolate – promotional merchandise shows off your brand and people are likely to use your branded resources in the future and think of your company!

It is important for any business, no matter how big or small, that a range of different advertising strategies are implemented in a marketing strategy, both digital and off-line. To truly reap the benefits from your off-line efforts, make sure that every sign, receipt, written quote, promo pen, stubby cooler, hat, shirt, radio ad and newspaper advert highlights your website address!

The ultimate goal of ALL Of your advertising, digital or otherwise, is to direct your audience to your website. All roads lead to Rome and your website IS ROME!

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